What is the difference between Frontline Plus for Cats and Frontline Plus for Dogs?

Two of the most common parasites to threaten the health of our dogs and cats are fleas and ticks. As you probably already know, fleas are a small but quick-breeding parasite which live on the blood of animals including pets. Ticks are a member of the spider family and, like fleas, feed on blood.

Do I need a special dog shampoo or cat shampoo when using Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus What Is It & How Does It Work?

Revolution is not just for fleas and heart worm treatment

How do you keep your pets free from infestation by parasites? With fleas, heartworm , mites and ticks to keep under control and protect our pets from, knowing which pet medications to use can be confusing.

How does the generic Droncit compare to brand Droncit Tapewormer?

As many readers will already know, it is important for dog and cat owners to take responsibility for keeping their pets free from internal parasites and in the best of health.Tapeworm are the most common internal parasite to affect dogs and cats, so this is something that owners need to be particularly aware of.

Is Frontline Plus EPA approved?

There are have been a large number of scare stories posted online recently on flea control products for pets. Tales of severe allergic reactions and skin problems are rife, which is a real worry for owners who want to keep their pet free of parasites.

How to give Revolution to cats

Hookworm, roundworm, heartworm , ear mites and fleas. If you are a cat owner, you may well already be familiar with the names of these parasites and the risks that they can carry for your pets and family.

My pet is pregnant? Can I use Frontline Plus?

In the same way that humans need extra care during the course of their pregnancy, cats and dogs do too. Both the pregnant animal and her young will benefit from a diet balanced with the correct nutrients and an adequate amount of exercise each day.

How do I remember to give pet meds when they are needed?

Have you and your pets had problems with fleas this year? If so, don't fear because you are not alone many families with dogs and cats are experiencing problems with these tiny, jumping parasites.

Is Frontline Plus safe for puppies and kittens?

A Quick Intro to Frontline Plus & Its Ingredients

Is Frontline Plus safe to use on other household pets aside from cats and dogs?

A Quick Intro to Frontline Plus & Its Ingredients

How does the generic Droncit compare to brand Droncit Tapewormer?

Infection by intestinal worms is one of the parasite problems that our pet dogs and cats are most likely to face. Highly unpleasant for the infested animal, and carrying a possible risk of transmission to humans, worms are something that most dog and cat owners will have to deal with at some stage in their pet's life.

Do I need to use Frontline Plus on all my cats and dogs?

You are sitting at home, relaxing on the sofa with your dog, when you suddenly notice a small insect running through his fur. Or you are brushing your cat, you spot small black specks in her fur. The culprit? A common parasite, the flea.

Can I split a large dose of Frontline Plus between pets?

In millions of homes across the United States, pets are part of the family. Although birds, reptiles, fish and even insects are growing in popularity, cats and dogs remain the most common choice when it comes to companion animals, perhaps because of their friendly natures and distinct personalities.

Does Droncit Have Any Side Effects?

Choosing Pet Medicines

How to give Frontline Plus to dogs

If you own a dog, it is almost inevitable that at some point you will come face-to-face with the much-hated parasite, the flea. Fleas are wingless, jumping insects which survive by feeding on the blood of animals and birds.

Is Droncit an Effective Pet Wormer?

When it comes to treating and protecting my pets from infestation by parasitic worms, choosing a medicine which is both safe and effective are my priorities. I have spent hours on the internet trying to find the best pet wormer on the market and will use this blog to share the results of my research.

How to give Frontline Plus to cats

Frontline Plus is a popular and efficient treatment used for flea and tick control in cats. While this product works well at preventing flea infestation, it must be applied correctly to provide your pet with full protection.

How do I know if Im buying genuine Revolution?

I have recently become aware of a worrying trend which concerns any dog or cat owner who is planning to buy Revolution for use on their pets. Unscrupulous vendors, primarily through online auction sites, are selling products which claim to be genuine Revolution but are counterfeit products...

What is S-Methoprene?

Unless you are a vet or have studied chemistry, it is unlikely that the name S-Methoprene means much to you. However, if you are a dog or cat owner, you might be interested to learn that S-Methoprene is in fact one of the active ingredients in the popular flea and tick control pet medications Frontline Plus for dogs and Frontline Plus for cats.

My pet is pregnant, can I use Revolution?

In the same way that humans need extra care during the course of their pregnancy, cats and dogs do too. Both the pregnant animal and her young will benefit from a diet balanced with the correct nutrients and an adequate amount of exercise each day.

When should I start using Frontline Plus after switching from another product?

Flea infestations are an utter nightmare for pets and their owners. These wingless parasites measure just a few millimeters in length, but their bites are highly irritating, and what's worse, they are not always easy to get rid of.

What is Praziquantel?

No matter how well you take care of your pet dog or cat, it is likely that at some point, you'll have to deal with parasites. Although parasites are not a topic you'd want to discuss over the dining table, if you want your pet to stay happy and healthy, you need to understand why parasite control is so important and why using a wormer such asDroncit is so important.

Does Frontline Plus have any known side-effects?

When it comes to choosing flea and tick control pet meds for your cats and dogs, knowing which product is the most suitable for your pet's needs requires some consideration. One of the issues that many pet owners are concerned about when choosing flea control products is whether they are safe for their pets and if there are any side-effects that they need to know about.


Are you concerned that your cat has roundworm? Do your dog show symptoms of tapeworm ? Are you looking for ways to keep your pet clear of parasites? All the wormer pet medicines needed for healthy, happy and worm-free pets are here.

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