How to give Frontline Plus to cats

Frontline Plus is a popular and efficient treatment used for flea and tick control in cats. While this product works well at preventing flea infestation, it must be applied correctly to provide your pet with full protection. It is frustrating when you buy pet medications which don't work properly because of a mistake in application, so follow this straightforward two-step guide. Don't miss the following important tips, and you'll get it right first time!

Frontline Plus Application Step One

The first step to giving your cat a Frontline Plus treatment is to open the individual, foil-backed package. This contains one Frontline Plus dosage, which will give your pet flea and tick protection for four weeks for fleas, and two weeks for ticks. Holding the Frontline Plus pipette so that the nozzle is facing upwards, carefully snap-off the tip along the guide-line.

Frontline Plus Application Step Two

The second step of giving your cat a treatment with Frontline Plus is to find an area on your pet's body which it will find difficult to lick. The best spot to choose is right between the shoulder blades, near the back of the cat's neck. Carefully part your cat's fur, so that you can easily access the skin with the nozzle of the Frontline Plus pipette. Gently squeeze the entire contents of the pipette on to your cat's skin. It is important that you don't just apply it to the fur, as it will not work properly. It couldn't be easier!

Important and Useful Frontline Plus Tips

  • Having four hands instead of two always makes lighter work of flea and tick control , especially if you have more than one cat. Most cat owners fear that their cat may try to escape while they are applying the treatment. Getting someone to hold your pet and part its fur, while you occupy yourself with opening and applying the Frontline Plus will save time and stress!
  • The way that Frontline Plus works is that it takes advantage of the natural oil production glands on your pets skin. When you apply the contents of the pipette, the ingredients are distributed around the body to provide full protection against ticks and fleas. This process can be disrupted if Frontline Plus is applied to a cat which has been bathed recently, as water, shampoo and similar products can strip the natural oils away from the skin. Bathing your cat within the first 24 hours of applying Frontline Plus can also reduce the efficacy of the ingredients and is not recommended.
  • After applying Frontline Plus to your cat, avoid touching the area for around 24 hours as it takes roughly this amount of time for the liquid to be fully absorbed and you may inadvertently wipe it away.