Revolution for Cats & Dogs
  • Revolution for Cats & Dogs

Revolution for Cats & Dogs

  • Kills adult fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae in the environment. Treats, controls, and prevents flea infestations. Controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).
  • For the prevention of heartworm disease (with monthly administration) caused by Dirofilaria Immitis.
  • For the treatment of ear mites (Otodectes Cynotis), adult roundworms (Toxocara Cati), adult intestinal hookworms (Ancylostoma Tubaeforme), and biting lice infestations caused by Felicola Subrostratus.
  • Revolution for cats doesn't come with Canex but is already formulated to fight against roundworms and hookworms in cats.








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Product Detail: Revolution for Cats & Dogs

Revolution for Cats & Dogs

Revolution is a safe and simple way to protect your pet from a range of common parasites. It prevents heartworm disease while treating and controlling fleas (including flea eggs and larvae) and ear mites in both cats and dogs, hookworms, and roundworms in cats and sarcoptes mites in dogs. This effective medication is applied to the skin of your pet once a month. 


How Revolution for Cats & Dogs works

After applying, Revolution is quickly absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream, skin, and hair, killing fleas, heartworm, and other parasites that can harm your pet. Revolution will then protect your pet for an entire month. As Revolution moves into your pet’s skin and hair, it goes straight to killing fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, and other external parasites. 


What is the active ingredient of Revolution for Cats & Dogs?

Active ingredient:


What is the proper administration of Revolution for Cats & Dogs?

Revolution Flea Control is a once-a-month topical application for dogs and cats. Application is quick and easy and the product should only be applied to a dry animal. The product is waterproof, therefore, normal bathing, swimming, etc. can continue after two hours.

The correct tube size should be selected for each animal and individual tubes should not be shared between several animals. The cap on the tube should be pushed downwards onto the tube until a "click" is heard and then the cap should be removed. The hair at the base of the neck should be parted to skin level and the entire contents of the tube squeezed onto this area. Do not rub in the liquid.

The concentration of the active ingredient in the Revolution for Dog and Revolution for Cat products is different so the correct package should be used for the correct breed as noted on the package label.

The doses and pack sizes are as follows:


Revolution for Cats

Puppies and kittens up to 2.5kg - pink pack

Cats up to 7.5kg - blue pack


Revolution for Dogs

Puppies and kittens up to 2.5kg - pink pack

Very small dogs 2.6-5kg - purple pack

Small dogs 5-10kg - brown pack

Medium dogs 10-20kg - red pack

Large dogs 20-40kg - teal pack

For dogs larger than 40kg - use the appropriate combination of sizes.


What are the precautions when using Revolution for Cats & Dogs?

Prior to the administration of Revolution, dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infections. At the discretion of the veterinarian, infected dogs should be treated to remove adult heartworms. Revolution is not effective against adult D. immitis and, while the number of circulating microfilariae may decrease following treatment, Revolution is not effective for microfilariae clearance.

Hypersensitivity reactions have not been observed in dogs with patent heartworm infections administered three times the recommended dose of Revolution. Higher doses were not tested.

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Most Recent Reviews

Written by Nikou
Jul 27, 2020

the product is great

Best flea medicine I have found
Written by
Oct 10, 2018

Have tried quite a few flea medications on my dogs. This one works the best. It is easy to apply, no smell, no staining. My dogs are outside half the day, and I never see a flea on them at all.

Written by Neva
Mar 13, 2018

i use stronghold, revolution or advocate depending on which i can get the best deal on. I have 4 cats and 4 dogs...these are the best products i have ever used... no issues for the animals and oh so easy to administer!

My Vet Recommended Revolution
Written by cahnny
Jan 22, 2018

A few years back our cat started acted strangely. She didn't seem steady on her feet and was sluggish. When we took her to the vet he told us she was having an allergic reaction to FLEAS! I had been using Frontline for some time (can't remember for sure but think it had been several years). He said he had switched to selling Revolution in his office and went on to explain why. Pretty much repeated whats written here in the description. I purchased only one application because it was VERY, VERY expensive in his office. As soon as I came home I placed an order here which always saves us quite a bit of money. Our cat has been fine ever since.

Works great on our cats
Written by Shannon
Nov 30, 2017

We've been using for purchasing Revolution since we had an AWFUL infestation from a new cat we took in a few years ago. Along with using DE in the house at that time, Revolution was quick to kill fleas. I don't doubt the quality of this product, although my vet advised us against buying online in general. If it works, it works! Store-bought brands have made one of my cats throw up but she does not react badly to this stuff.

Revolution for Large Dogs
Written by Ms Kathy
Aug 09, 2017

I really enjoy the fact that this product not only covers the outside threatening insects, it also help prevent heart worms. It took care of mange & fly-bites on the ears on my German Shepherd. It keeps fleas and ticks away which is good since my Great Pyrenees-Golden Retriever likes to sleep on my bed. My Akita-Chow mix sometimes likes to sneak onto my bed too, Great product--highly recommended.

Awesome safe treatment!!!
Written by adriana
Jul 10, 2017

Expect exceptional money saving results using Revolution every month from PetShed!!! Thank you so very much!

Hooray for Petshed and Revolution!!!!
Written by Bunnypark
Jun 22, 2017

I discovered Petshed 7 or 8 years ago and it has been such a blessing. While working as a volunteer at a Georgia no-kill shelter, I "fostered" numerous kittens and cats. Being new to this I didn't realize it is IMPOSSIBLE to release them once they come into your home. Thus I now have numerous permanent boarders and needed to find a cost efficient method of fighting fleas and heart worms without getting a second mortgage. Enter Petshed. After searching numerous websites, I happened upon this wonderful organization, providing excellent meds at a fraction of the price my vet charges. The meds are current, ship fast and are the same as those purchased previously from my vet. The prices are outstanding and have been a terrific source for my FurKids. Thanks to Petshed, you provide an outstanding service to pet owners! I have referred numerous friends to you and don't know why anyone would purchase pet meds anywhere else.

Written by DocLove
Jan 19, 2017

My male sheltie, "Chase", had somehow managed to get both Sarcoptic Mites and Demodectic Mites too. His ears were full of brown crust and he was losing hair on his feet and what I would refer to as his armpits. I was desperate to save him, but mineral oil, shampoos, and other over the counter products were losing the battle against these entrenched little terrorists . . . then I discovered 'Selemectin' and it was safe for Shelties too ! Well, he started to improve almost immediately, and was definitely under control after five or six weeks; After the third monthly application he was not only cured, but his hair was on the rebound as well. I now continue to use it on him as a preventative.

Written by Linda S.
Jan 07, 2017

My poor kitty Zoe, started scratching great gouges into her skin and licking her fur off her back and tummy. She was constantly grooming herself. I tried a couple of flea preventatives even though neither the vet nor I could find any sign of fleas or flea residue. And they didn't help. Then I tried all kinds of dietary changes right down to raw foods. No change. It was so hard watching her in that state. On a whim when I was in to the vet for a different pet, I decided to try a more expensive flea preparation. The vet recommended Revolution and viola! Immediate cessation of scratching and licking. For nearly a year she has been back to her happy go lucky self and she is now a beautiful, fluffy kitty again too. And thanks to PetShed always carrying it at the best price!