Revolution: Which Parasites Does It Prevent?

How do you keep your pets free from infestation by parasites? With fleas, heartworm , mites and ticks to keep under control and protect our pets from, knowing which pet medications to use can be confusing. It can be tricky to decide whether your are providing your pet with adequate protection or not, and many people say that they feel unsure as to which parasites they need to protect their dogs and cats against.

One solution to easy and straightforward parasite control is to put your trust in a leading product which has been carefully developed specifically to help you to keep your pets happy and healthy. The name of this pet medication is Revolution .

Revolution The Basics

Revolution is the brand name of a pet medication that is designed to provide broad spectrum protection from a range of parasites. Supplied in single dosages, this spot-on liquid is applied directly to the pet's skin, making it extremely easy to use. The liquid is absorbed into the animal's skin and gradually released over time preventing parasites without causing harm to the pet.The active ingredient in Revolution is called selamectin which works by paralyzing and eliminating parasites from your dog or cat's system. Selamectin has been shown in tests to be highly effective and rapid in its action, while providing protection from parasites over the course of a month.

Revolution Which Parasites Does It Prevent?

While Revolution is mainly marketed as a preventative against heartworm and fleas, this powerful pet medication also helps to protect pets from several other parasites too. Revolution for Dogs deals with ear mite infections and stops ticks (including the American Dog Tick, which can carry and transmit serious disease). It is also used for the prevention and treatment of sarcoptic mange, caused by mites. Revolution for Cats will protect your feline from ear mite infestation, hookworm and roundworm, as well as heartworm and fleas.

The Benefits of Revolution in Parasite Control

Although it is possible to prevent pet parasites by using separate medications for each type of parasite, Revolution offers an easier and safer option. Unlike trying to dose a pet with pills, with can be stressful for both animal and owner, using Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs is clean, simple, and quick. Another benefit of using Revolution is its long lasting effect and the fact that it is waterproof after two hours, so that pets can play outdoors and carry out normal activities.