How Long to Wait Before Applying Frontline Plus?

Flea infestations are an utter nightmare for pets and their owners. These wingless parasites measure just a few millimeters in length, but their bites are highly irritating, and what's worse, they are not always easy to get rid of. You may well already know the importance of using flea control products for your pets on a regular basis, the bad news is that not all of these pet meds are equal to the challenge of eliminating fleas. Anti-parasite shampoos, flea collars and sprays often promise so much but are frustratingly ineffective. If you are not satisfied with the results that you see with the flea control product that you are using, switching to another is the best option. One product which comes highly recommended by veterinarians and pet owners alike is Frontline Plus .

Why Frontline Plus ?

Frontline Plus (available in two formulas : Frontline Plus for Dogs and Frontline Plus for Cats) is a flea and tick control product that is well-known for being one of the most effective products available today. Frontline Plus is applied directly to your pet's skin using a pipette - which has the exact dosage to provide around one month's flea protection - and the liquid is absorbed into the animal's oil glands and redistributed around the body. While many flea control pet meds contain pyrethrin based insecticides which have negligible results, Frontline Plus has a unique formula which is outstanding in its effect on fleas. The ingredients in Frontline Plus are called fipronil and methoprene, which work on fleas at all stages of their life-cycle. In comparison, other flea control products only kill adult fleas, which stops more eggs being laid, but leaves you with the problem of dealing with the fleas which hatch from eggs laid by the previous generation. Frontline Plus also has a number of advantages over other products : it is long-lasting, waterproof, safe to use and easy to apply to your pet.

How Long to Wait Before Applying Frontline Plus

There are many good reasons to switch from your current flea control product to Frontline Plus. However, it is always sensible err on the side of wariness when applying strong chemicals to your pet as side-effects can occur due to overdosing. Because every flea and tick control pet med is different, before applying Frontline Plus, you should have a chat with your pet's veterinarian and confirm how long to wait before you make the switch. If possible, take the packaging of the flea control product that you have used to show the veterinarian, as this will give them the information they need to advise you accurately. Usually the maximum that you will have to wait before applying Frontline Plus is 30 days, which allows the chemicals from previously applied products to be fully processed and out of your pet's system.