What is S-Methoprene?

Pet Shed Vet

March 31, 2021

Unless you are a vet or have studied chemistry, it is unlikely that the name S-Methoprene will mean much to you. However, if you are a dog or cat owner, you might be interested to learn that S-Methoprene is in fact one of the active ingredients in the popular flea and tick control pet medications Frontline Plus for dogs and Frontline Plus for cats.

What is S-Methoprene?

S-Methoprene is a chemical which is used for insect control, in particular fleas. The insecticide chemical is described in scientific terms as a juvenile hormone analogue. What this means is that S-Methoprene copies the effect of the hormone which controls the development of the immature flea into an adult.

How S-Methoprene works

Only adult fleas can reproduce. Using S-Methoprene prevents flea pupae and larvae from growing into breeding adults. The chemical also kills flea eggs by stopping them from hatching. Studies into the use of S-Methoprene showed that it works most efficiently when combined with another active ingredient which kills adult fleas. Combining insecticides which work on all stages of the flea life cycle is called integrated flea control and is the most efficient way to ensure that your pets and your home do not become infested.

S-Methoprene in Frontline Plus

In Frontline Plus, S-Methoprene is presented in single application format or as a spray, both of which are applied directly to the animal's skin. The active ingredients are absorbed into the skin and hair, and released gradually over an extended period. Frontline Plus for dogs and Frontline for cats have different concentrations of insecticides, so it is always important to make sure that you buy the right product for your pet!

Using S-Methoprene for Flea & Tick control

When it comes to taking advantage of S-Methoprene's flea and tick control benefits on household pets, it is best to use a well-known and proven product such as Frontline Plus. If you feel like you have already tried every flea and tick control spray, collar, or shampoo on the planet, then you'll know the sense of frustration when you see your dog or cat scratching again and again.

The use of S-Methoprene combined with Fipronil (which kills adult fleas) makes Frontline Plus stand out from the crowd in the flea control market. Studies of Frontline Plus have shown that between 98 and 100% of fleas are killed within 24 hours of application, an outstanding level of efficacy and the reason many vets recommend this particular product. Of all the flea and tick control products for pets, the powerful combination of ingredients in Frontline Plus has been proving to be dependable in doing what it says on the packet!