How to Give Revolution to Cats

Hookworm, roundworm, heartworm , ear mites and fleas. If you are a cat owner, you may well already be familiar with the names of these parasites and the risks that they can carry for your pets and family. One solution for dealing with these parasites is to protect your cat with regular applications of the anti-parasitic pet medication Revolution. Revolution is the first FDA approved product of its kind, working to prevent infestation by a broad spectrum of parasites which infect cats. Containing the ingredient selamectin, Revolution for cats is powerful, clean, safe and effective : an ideal way for cat owners to get peace of mind without fuss. To apply Revolution to your cat, follow these three easy steps.

Treating Your Cat With Revolution Step One

The first step to take when you want to give your cat a treatment with Revolution is opening the packaging. Revolution is supplied in a small sealed applicator tube. The correct way to break the seal is to hold the Revolution tube upright and press down firmly on the lid. You should hear a snap as the lid punctures a hole in the applicator seal. Carefully remove the lid and make a visual check to make sure that the Revolution tube is open.

Treating Your Cat With Revolution Step Two

The second step to take to give your cat a Revolution treatment is to apply the liquid inside the tube to your pet's skin. Holding your pet firmly to ensure correct application, part the fur at the base of the animal's neck so that you can clearly see and access the skin. Now, place the applicator tube against your pet's skin and squeeze the tube several times in succession to empty out the contents.

Treating Your Cat With Revolution Step Three

The third and final step of applying Revolution is when you have finished applying the liquid. Keep the tube squeezed to prevent the Revolution from being sucked inside again. Slide the tube away from the pool of liquid and lift it away from your pet's skin, then check to make sure that you have applied the entire contents. Dispose of the empty packaging and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Avoid bathing your pet or allowing it to get wet (in the rain, for example) for the first two hours after applying Revolution. After this initial period, the liquid will be adequately absorbed into the skin to give your cat complete protection from parasites for up to a month.