How to Give Frontline Plus to Dogs

If you own a dog, it is almost inevitable that at some point you will come face-to-face with the much-hated parasite, the flea. Fleas are wingless, jumping insects which survive by feeding on the blood of animals and birds. Flea bites are highly irritating and can cause a skin condition called flea allergy dermatitis, which causes great discomfort to the dog and often results in unsightly hair loss. These blood-sucking insects also carry disease, in particular, transmitting tapeworm , and in severe cases cause anemia (a low-level of iron in the blood). Fleas are found, quite literally, in all corners of the United States and so, it is not only a good idea, but necessary to protect your dog from them by using a flea control product.

Frontline Plus A Leader in flea control

For several years now, Frontline Plus has been a leader in the flea and tick control industry. Frontline Plus contains a duo of ingredients : fipronil and s-methoprene. Unlike pyrethrins, which were previously one of the most common insecticides used against fleas, the chemicals used in Frontline Plus work to kill fleas at all stages of their life-cycle. Applied externally, Frontline Plus is efficient and long-lasting, and side-effects are rare. Overall, this makes Frontline Plus into one of the best choices to protect your dog from fleas.

How to Apply Frontline Plus to Your Dog

Frontline Plus for Dogs is supplied in blister packs, which makes it safe and convenient to apply this product to your pet at home, rather than visiting a vet. When you buy Frontline Plus, you'll notice that there are several options available : for small, large, medium and extra-large dogs. By choosing the right Frontline Plus for your dog's body-weight, you will make sure that it gets the correct level of flea control. Each pack contains three, six, or twelve pipettes, with the contents of one offering protection for about 4 weeks.

Before you apply Frontline Plus to your dog, you should make sure that it has not been bathed or gotten wet within the last 24 hours, as this can affect the efficacy of the product. When you open the pack of Frontline Plus, you will find that each pipette is sealed in a plastic cell which is backed with foil. Separate one cell and replace the remaining dosages in the pack, storing them in a cool, dry place for next time. Carefully open the foil backing and remove the pipette and gently grip it so that the label is facing you, before snapping off the tip along the guide-line.

The last stage is to part your dog's fur in the area between its shoulder-blades, as this is a spot which your dog cannot easily lick. Make sure that you can get clear access to the dog's skin, as it is there that you need to apply the Frontline Plus, and not to the fur itself. Place the tip of the Frontline Plus pipette on the skin and squeeze out the entire contents of the tube. You should avoid touching the area where you applied the product for around 24 hours to allow the ingredients time to be absorbed.

Within 12 hours, any fleas on your dog will be affected by the ingredients in Frontline Plus. You may notice more fleas on the surface of your dog's fur. This is because they move more than normal as the pesticides work on destroying them. By applying this product regularly, you can avoid the discomfort of flea infestation for your pet and the difficulties of tackling a flea infestation in your home.