Generic Versus Brand Name Droncit: A Comparison

Infection by intestinal worms is one of the parasite problems that our pet dogs and cats are most likely to face. Highly unpleasant for the infested animal, and carrying a possible risk of transmission to humans, worms are something that most dog and cat owners will have to deal with at some stage in their pet's life.

Droncit A Leader in Worm Treatment

Fortunately, the development of wormer pet medications such as Droncit has made treating tapeworms into a straightforward task. Droncit, which has the ingredient praziquantel , is favored as a dog and cat wormer by veterinarians across the globe, and has been for decades. Effective in eliminating a broad range of tapeworm species, Droncit is considered to be one of the best wormer pet medications available today.

When I recently discovered that my pets were suffering from a worm infestation, I decided right away that I would use Droncit to treat my little darlings! However, when it came to making my purchase of the wormer, I realized that my choice wasn't so easy after all. Why? Because Droncit is available in two types : brand name Droncit produced by the well-known pharmaceutical company Bayer, and a generic version. I found myself wondering about how these two types of Droncit compare and decided to do some research before buying the wormer. As I'm sure that I'm not the only pet owner out there who has found themselves wondering about the differences between these pet medications, I'll share what I discovered here in this blog.

Generic Versus Brand Name Droncit A Comparison

The first that I discovered when I started comparing generic and brand name Droncit is that generic pet medications have only two notable differences. The two main differences are that generic Droncit is generally cheaper than the original brand name product, and the tablet is usually a different shape or color in accordance with trademark laws. The packaging of generic pet meds will also differ from the brand name product for the same reason.

In terms of the dosage, quality, method of administration and function, Droncit generic and Droncit brand name pet medications are exactly the same. Both versions of the tapeworm treatment contain praziquantel and will eliminate worms from your pet's system without any ill-effects. This means that your budget and personal preferences can be your guide as to which wormer to choose, as brand and generic versions will work with equal efficacy. Of course, which ever type of tapewormer that you buy for your dog or cat, you should always read the instructions thoroughly that your pet gets the right dosage.