Is Droncit an Effective Pet Wormer?

When it comes to treating and protecting my pets from infestation by parasitic worms, choosing a medicine which is both safe and effective are my priorities. I have spent hours on the internet trying to find the best pet wormer on the market and will use this blog to share the results of my research.

Droncit A Pet Wormer That Gets Results

When you combine both anecdotal and scientific evidence about pet wormer medicines, it quickly becomes clear that one deworming treatment stands out from the crowd. Droncit, a wormer developed by pharmaceutical giants E.Merck and Bayer, has been proven on many occasions to be highly efficient, fast acting and safe for cats, dogs and some other species which are susceptible to worms. Droncit, in both oral and spot-on topical formulas have been widely tested in clinical trials and in the field, on a global scale. Data gathered in these studies showed that this wormer is capable of eliminating 100% of worm infestation regardless of the breed, age or sex of the cat or dog treated. The majority of people involved in these studies agreed that for deworming of pets, this would be their first choice.

Efficient Action

The efficient and rapid action of Droncit is due to presence of praziquantel . When Droncit is administered orally, it is absorbed into the animal's bloodstream and distributed through the gut and bile. When this medicine comes into contact with a worm, it instantly begins to dissolve the proteins which make up the worm's body. It also causes the worm to contract and release its grip on the host animal's organs. These two effects of praziquantel on the parasitic worm make sure that the remains are usually completely absorbed within the pet's body (which is why, after using Droncit, it is rare to see worm parts in a pet's feces), and that the worm is destroyed, including the head. This is of great importance, because if the head of a parasitic worm is not eliminated, it will continue to grow.

Broad Spectrum

Another favorable aspect of Droncit is that it kills a broad spectrum of worms at all stages of maturity. Dipylidium caninum, Taenia pisiformis and Echinococcus worms can all be removed and prevented by the correct use of this pet med .