What is Praziquantel?

No matter how well you take care of your pet dog or cat, it is likely that at some point, you'll have to deal with parasites. Although parasites are not a topic you'd want to discuss over the dining table, if you want your pet to stay happy and healthy, you need to understand why parasite control is so important and why using a wormer such as Droncit is so important.

Parasites and Your Pets

The parasites which can infect dogs and cats are varied and include fleas, as well as worms. Worms are very common in pets, and fortunately can be treated easily and cheaply with the right pet medicine. Animal health experts agree that the best way to treat and prevent worm infestations is with a pet medicine like Droncit, which has praziquantel .

From Human Health to Pet Medicine

Parasitic worms are found across the globe and can cause serious health problems, not just for domesticated dogs and cats, but for livestock, wild animals and even humans. Attempts to find cures for worm infestation started over 100 years ago, and the first wormers for human use were developed in the 1920s. Various attempts to find a formula which was efficient yet low on side effects were stalled by the Second World War, which made testing in countries with a known parasitic worm problem impossible. It was in the 1970s though, when a major breakthrough came.

Major pharmaceutical companies Bayer, and Merck, worked in partnership to come up with a wormer which would surpass all previous anthelmintic drugs. This revolutionary discovery was praziquantel, which is now used in pet medicines such as Droncit. Extensive testing in laboratories and in the field showed that praziquantel killed worms quickly, without making the host ill. By 1980, praziquantel was licensed for veterinary use and is now sold under the brand name Droncit. Praziquantel is also used to treat parasitic infestation in humans, particularly in countries like Africa, where water-borne flatworm are responsible for the deaths of as many as 30,000 people each year.

Why Use Droncit?

Droncit is highly rated by pet owners and veterinary experts alike, because it offers an easy and safe way to deal with the threat of worm infestation. Both cats and dogs should be regularly dosed with Droncit tablets, which will fully eliminate any worms from the pet's intestines without causing sickness or discomfort. Droncit also works on a wide spectrum of worms, so you don't need to worry about trying to administer multiple medications or identify which parasite your pet has.