How to Remember to Give Less Frequent Treatments

Have you and your pets had problems with fleas this year? If so, don't fear because you are not alone many families with dogs and cats are experiencing problems with these tiny, jumping parasites. Eliminating with fleas is quite straight-forward. However one mistake that many people make is thinking that a one-off treatment with a flea control product like Frontline Plus is enough to stop fleas coming back for good. While Frontline Plus is a long-lasting and effective treatment, a repeat application is necessary to prevent re-infestation by fleas. Of course, remembering to apply Frontline Plus or your chosen flea control basis at the right time is not always easy. Fortunately, we have some great tips here from you to make sure that you never forget to apply Frontline Plus again.

How to Remember to Give Less Frequent Treatments

Remembering to treat a pet with medicines which are only used once a month, such as dewormer and flea control treatment can be tough. Many of us lead busy lives these days, and simply making a mental note to use Frontline Plus on your pet next month is likely to slip on your mind

The easiest way to manage your pet's Frontline Plus application schedule is to make use of the reminder features on the Frontline Plus website. Take just a few minutes to register your details and opt for Frontline Plus to send you a SMS text-message or email when your pet's next dosage of medicine is due. For those who prefer not to sign up, you could set a personal reminder on your mobile phone, or make a note of the date on your wall calendar.

At some point during your pet's life, it is likely that you will have to take responsibility for administering its medicine. Since animals can't tell us that they need to take their tablets, we need to ensure that they get medicine regularly to keep them safe and healthy. Here is a handy tip that many pet owners and carers find to be an effective reminder system.

How to Remember to Give Daily Medication

Like some humans, some pets need to take a dosage of medicine or vitamins . Long-term conditions such as arthritis mean that your pet relies on you to ensure that he gets the pills that he needs regularly. Remembering to give daily medicine tends to be easier to remember than treatments which are given on a less frequent basis, as it becomes part of the routine. However, some people find it easier to buy a pill-box which has one section for each day. At the start of the week, you place the medication for each day in the appropriate section, and throughout the week, you dispense the pills as required. This is useful if an animal has more than one care-giver, and can help to prevent overdoses while making sure that the medicine is not forgotten about. Using a sectioned pill box can also be a good idea if your pet is prescribed a short course of medicines, such as antibiotics.