How Does Generic Compare to Brand Droncit?

As many readers will already know, it is important for dog and cat owners to take responsibility for keeping their pets free from internal parasites and in the best of health. Tapeworm are the most common internal parasite to affect dogs and cats, so this is something that owners need to be particularly aware of. The best way of preventing tapeworm from infecting your pets and making them ill is by using a regular deworming treatment. In the majority of cases, Droncit is the recommended pet medicine for tapeworm eradication.

Buying Droncit

Eagle-eyed shoppers will note that Droncit is a brand name, however the medicine in available in a generic format. This often causes confusion because the difference between branded and generic products isn't always clear at first glance. To help you understand which of these dewormers is best for your pet, we've compared the generic and brand products in detail.

Comparing the Ingredients & Efficacy of Generic and Brand Droncit

The most important factor when discussing generic and brand Droncit is the ingredients and efficacy. Will both products work in the same way and eliminate any tapeworm infection from your pet? The answer is yes. Droncit is the brand name for the chemical Prazinquantel. Generic simply means that the product is sold without the brand name it still contains the same ingredients and has the same rapid action. So, in terms of efficacy, the generic and brand version of the dewormers are exactly the same.

Comparing the Dosage of Generic and Brand Droncit

As noted, generic and brand name Droncit both contain the ingredient praziquantel . Both versions of the wormer are sold in tablets, which are given to the pet by mouth (with or without food). The dosage varies according to weight, and whether using generic or brand Droncit,you should take time to read the instructions before administering the worming medicine. However, in practical terms, this again means that both versions of the product are equal.

Comparing the Price of Generic and Brand Droncit

While generic and brand Droncit have the same ingredients, function and method of use, there is one major difference between the two products the price. Droncit is a registered trade-name and packaging of the branded product will bear this name. Generic versions however, are sold under names like Cat Dewormer or Worming Tablets for Dogs. The generic product is also considerably cheaper, representing a notable saving for pet-owners.

Generic Versus Brand Droncit A Summary

To summarize, generic and brand Droncit are literally the same product. They contain the same ingredient and level of efficiency in treating tapeworm, but are sold at a lower cost.