My Pet is Pregnant, Can I Use Revolution?

In the same way that humans need extra care during the course of their pregnancy, cats and dogs do too. Both the pregnant animal and her young will benefit from a diet balanced with the correct nutrients and an adequate amount of exercise each day. Maintaining general health at a high level and taking care of minor ailments and hygiene is also something that owners need to bear in mind,

One of the ways that pets particularly need our help with their health is with protection from the various external and internal parasites which they can catch. This is particularly important during pregnancy as certain parasites can be transferred from the mother cat or dog to her babies.

Which Parasites Should I Be Aware Of?

During your pet's pregnancy, you need to provide protection for the same parasites that you usually do. The parasites you should be aware of are described below.

  • Fleas are a small, jumping insect which feed on the blood of their host and cause skin irritation, anemia in young and weak animals, and can carry tapeworm .
  • Ticks are an external parasite which can carry severe illnesses including Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
  • Tapeworm is the name given to a number of worms which live inside the digestive system of cats.
  • Heartworm is a parasite which is transmitted to pets by mosquitoes and lives within the pulmonary and heart arteries, causing serious health complications.

The parasites listed can put the well-being of your pet at risk, but by using flea and tick control pet medications , dewormers and heartworm preventation you can keep your pet safe. The main concern during the pets pregnancy is whether anti-parasite pet medications are completely safe to use, as they contain generally contain powerful chemicals.

Is Revolution Safe for Pregnant Pets?

One product which protects pets from these parasites is Revolution. Many pet owners ask Can I apply Revolution for Dogs to my pregnant dog? or Is Revolution for Cats OK to use on a pregnant animal?. The answer to both common questions is yes. Revolution has an ingredient called selamectin, which functions to eliminate parasites but is harmless to your pet. Revolution has been tested extensively and the makers of the product state on the packaging that you can use it on pregnant animals to no ill effect. Along with being approved for use of pregnant pets, Revolution is suitable for use on the young animals from the age of six weeks onwards. If you are looking for a parasite protection solution that will keep your pets safe and healthy, Revolution is the right choice for you.