Is Frontline Plus EPA approved?

here are have been a large number of scare stories posted online recently on flea control products for pets. Tales of severe allergic reactions and skin problems are rife, which is a real worry for owners who want to keep their pet free of parasites. Obviously allowing your dog or cat to become infested by fleas and ticks is not an option, but how safe can we feel when using these pesticides on our pets? One way in which we can reassure ourselves about the safety of flea control products for our dogs and cats is to choose brands which are EPA approved. In this blog, we look at what the EPA is and what they do, as well as discovering their role in controlling the sale and use of flea control products for pets. We also look in detail at Frontline Plus , a well-known flea control product which has come under scrutiny on web forums and chat rooms.

What is the EPA & What Do They Do?

The EPA is the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Established in December 1970, the job of the EPA is to protect human life and the environment. The responsibilities of this government agency include overseeing the laws are applied correctly, conduct research and monitoring, as well as standard setting. Their duties include making sure that products on sale to the public are suitable for use and present no environmental or health risk.

Do The EPA Regulate Pet Medicines?

The EPA do not regulate pet medicines in general, and the majority of these fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). However, flea and tick control products, (which are classified as pesticides) are regulated by the EPA.

Is Frontline Plus EPA Approved?

Frontline Plus is an externally applied flea and tick control product which has the pesticides fipronil and s-methoprene. Both of these ingredients have been registered with the EPA for several years , with methoprene first approved in 1972 and fipronil in 1996. This unique combination of pesticides which makes up Frontline Plus has been approved by the EPA since May 2003.

Did the EPA Release a Warning About Frontline Plus?

There are many misconceptions floating around relating to the EPA and Frontline Plus. The EPA issued a warning about counterfeit Frontline Plus which has been sold to the public in various locations around the United States. Although the contents of these fake products are usually a harmless yet ineffective ingredient such as baby oil, there have been cases where more dangerous chemicals have been identified.