Can I Split a Large Dose of Frontline Plus Between Pets?

In millions of homes across the United States, pets are part of the family. Although birds, reptiles, fish and even insects are growing in popularity, cats and dogs remain the most common choice when it comes to companion animals, perhaps because of their friendly natures and distinct personalities. Many households have at least one cat or dog, and as you may already know from your own experience, felines and canines can live quite happily in the same environment despite old wives tales to the contrary.

The Costs of Caring for Multiple Pets

For families that have multi pet household, the costs of animal care is a responsibility that needs consideration. Pet food, insurance, grooming, accommodation and annual vaccinations can all add up, while flea and control with products like Frontline Plus is an essential, unless you want your home to be over-run with fleas. In the current economic climate, the high expenses of pet care mean that it is natural for us to look for ways to make savings. However, trying to cut corners on costs is sometimes a pitfall that could cost you more money in the long-run.

Save Cash By Splitting A Dosage Of Frontline Plus ?

A search on Google or a similar search engine on the subject of saving money on pet care, in particular on flea and tick control products such as Frontline Plus, will bring you lots of information and suggestions. A common piece of advice that you might come across is the idea of splitting a larger dose of Frontline Plus across multiple pets in your household. One thing to bear in mind when you read advice like this online is that it probably comes from someone who is not a pet care expert or veterinarian. In fact, dividing Frontline Plus between pets is not recommended for several reasons.

Frontline Plus for Dogs and Frontline Plus for Cats are formulated differently to function with each animal's system, therefore should not be used across species.

Frontline Plus for Dogs is sold in measured dosages according to the weight of the pet to be treated to prevent an overdose from occurring.

Each Frontline Plus pipette is designed to contain the correct amount of pet medicine to give thorough protection over four weeks. Dividing the dosage up may leave your pet without anti-parasite protection. Uncontrolled flea infestation can cause skin irritation and carries the risk of tapeworm for your pet, as well as being highly unpleasant in a home.

Frontline Plus One Dosage, One Pet

The manufacturers of Frontline Plus provide clear information about the product which states that you should never split a dosage of Frontline Plus between pets. Although it may cost you a little more to buy enough dosages of Frontline Plus for each individual pet, you will avoid problems such as overdosing or inefficiency.