Pet Flea and Tick Control Buying Guide

Your guide for buying the best flea and tick prevention and treatment for your pets.

Purchasing Flea and Tick Control

There's no denying that fleas and ticks can cause problems for your pets and possibly, a threat to your family. Not only are they itchy but a bite from these blood-sucking parasites can pass infections and severe illness to pets or even to your household. Another factor you need to consider is the climate. Warmer and humid environment means tick and flea populations will blow up faster. Protect your pets from fleas and ticks the whole year round!

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Flea and Tick Treatment

Types of Flea and Tick Control

You can choose to administer either in the form of oral, topical, or collar for your pet's treatment depending on your pet's preference.

  1. Oral flea and tick
    Oral flea and tick treatment kill after the medicine is transmitted to a parasite while feeding. Oral medications can be in the form of tablets, pills, or chewable.
  2. Topical or spot-on flea and tick treatment
    Topical flea and tick treatment like spot-on are applied to areas where animals can't reach them like their shoulder blades. These medications not only kill parasites but repels them as well.
  3. Flea and tick collars
    Flea and tick collars usually last longer than spot-on and chew. Collars are even formulated to treat and prevent flea and tick infestation.

How often should you buy flea and tick meds

  1. Most flea and tick meds last for 30 days. Simparica , on the other hand, is a chewable tablet that can last and stay active up to 35 days.
  2. Bravecto chewable kills and controls fleas of all life cycles and ticks for 12 weeks to 3 months straight.
  3. Flea and tick collars usually last longer. Some even last for 8 months. Seresto kills and repels fleas and ticks and even mosquitoes and lice for your cats and dogs.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Types of Flea and Tick Prevention

If you live in flea and tick-infested neighborhood, you should take extra measure in preventing fleas and ticks from infesting your home and your pet.

  1. Spray and rinse concentrate
    Spray and rinse concentrate like Dermcare Permoxin can be used weekly. It can both repel and kill fleas and ticks in infested dogs and helps with insect bite allergies too.
  2. Flea and Tick Collar
    For outdoor-loving pets, flea and tick collars can be used in conjunction with their flea and tick control medicine. Consider wearing this on pets, especially when going on trips in a highly infested area.
  3. Flea and Tick Shampoo
    Some shampoos also help with controlling fleas and ticks in dogs. This can also be a regular grooming shampoo if your pet is already on a long term flea and tick control.

Ticks in your area

Ticks for the past years have been mostly found in the southern part of the country. But due to warming temperatures, ticks can migrate and expand to regions with potential tick-borne diseases they carry. Know which ticks are prevalent in your area to know which tick control is best for your pet. Below are the most common ticks you may find in your area.

American dog tick

or wood tick resides in the east of the Rocky Mountains and has spread on limited areas of the pacific coast. These ticks can transmit Tularemia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Blacklegged tick

or deer tick is mostly found in the eastern US and hosts Lyme disease-causing bacteria, the spirochete.

Brown dog tick

is the most common tick found worldwide attacking mostly dogs. These ticks also transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Lone star tick

living in the Southeastern and Eastern United States is a quick and aggressive tick. This tick transmits diseases like Ehrlichiosis and Tularemia or Hunter's Disease. Learn more about lone star ticks here.

Learn more about which ticks could be pervasive in your area in CDC's article.

Learn more about ticks

Lyme Disease

Ticks are active all-year-round, and a bite can give your pet diseases like Lyme disease. Some essential things to know about Lyme disease:

  1. Lyme disease is a disease transmitted by ticks (deer ticks) that causes recurring lameness or even kidney problems caused by a bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi (spirochete).
  2. Deer ticks or black-legged ticks are carriers usually found in shady areas of the woods and quests for hosts on the tips of knee-high branches or shrubs.
  3. Symptoms of Lyme disease are swollen superficial lymph nodes near tick bite, stiff walk and arched back, sensitivity to touch, difficulty in breathing, fever, lack of appetite, and depression.
  4. This is one of the most common tick-transmitted diseases in cats, dogs, and other mammals.

Pet Shed says no to Lyme Disease! Know more about Lyme Disease and prevention by reading our blog.

Learn More about Lyme Disease

Flea and Tick for Cats and Dogs

Flea and Tick for Cats

Not all flea and tick control pets are suitable for cats. Below are recommended flea and tick meds that are safe for your cats:

Flea and Tick for Dogs

Some flea and tick meds are specially formulated for dogs. Below are some of the recommended flea and tick medications for dogs:

Combination Medicine

One medicine does it all

Why choose multiple parasite preventives when you can have just one? With combination meds, one medication does it all! Give your pets the protection they need against fleas, ticks, worms, and heartworms with combination meds!

Why choose combination meds

Combination meds are all about convenience. It's easy to administer and remember dates as you will only need to remember one day for all your pet's parasite protection. Be sure that your pet is tested as heartworm negative before trying out a heartworm control.

Recommended Combination Medicines

Start using combination meds now:

Generic Flea and Tick Prevention

What are generics

Generics works the same way as brand-name counterpart as they have the same active ingredients. Therefore, they have the same benefits and risks as branded meds.

It's nice to have an option

With generics, you can have the choice to go for a cheaper med with the same quality and standards as their branded counterpart. It's essential to have an option as your pet's health should not be sacrificed because of money.

Why choose generics

Our customers have been buying generics from us for years, and they love it! Save more with generics and cut off the cost you buy from branded meds by as much as two thirds plus you get to enjoy the same benefits you get from them! Generics are Know more about generics in our blog "Why choose generic pet meds?".

Recommended Generic Flea and Tick Control

Make the switch to generics now!

Flea and Tick Control Chart

Check out this chart to see which pet's meds are suitable for your pet's flea and tick control.

Intestinal Worms
Usage Adult Fleas
Flea Eggs
Flea Larvae
Deer Tick
American Tick
Lone Star Tick
Brown Tick
Advantix II Spot On

Frontline Plus Spot On

Revolution Spot On



Revolution + Canex Spot On



Stronghold Spot On



Advantage Multi Spot On

K9 Advantix Spot On

Advantage II Spot On

Advantage Spot On

Bravecto Chew

Nexgard Spectra Chew

Nexgard Chew

Simparica Chew

Seresto Collar

Kitlix Collar

Generic Frontline Plus Spot On

Generic Advantix II Spot On

Generic Advantage II Spot On

Generic Sentinel Tablet

Generic Revolution for Cats Spot On

Check out our ultimate comparison chart for all your pet's parasite control (flea, tick, worm, and heartworm).

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Flea and Tick Testimonials at Pet Shed

Can't decide which treatment is best for your pet? Here are some of the most recommended and reviewed flea and tick medications here at Pet Shed.


  • Do cats and dogs need flea and tick prevention?

    Giving your cats and dogs an effective flea and tick control is essential in making sure your pet gets the maximum health care they need. Fleas and ticks are very irritating to pets making them scratch and rub themselves against solid objects leading them to have skin damage and skin irritation. Furthermore, fleas and ticks are a vector that transmits various kinds of diseases that are harmful to pets.

  • What is the safest flea and tick prevention for pets?

    Flea and tick medicines, just like human medications, can have minor side effects. An FDA-approved treatment undergoes careful evaluations before going out of the market, but it's still important to keep an eye on medicines containing isoxazoline class ingredients. Though generally safe for the majority of cats and dogs, they have been associated with side effects of neurologic reactions to pets like seizures, muscle tremors, or loss of muscle control. Check for ingredients of your meds and consult with your vet if this medication is suitable for your pet.

  • What is the best oral flea and tick control for dogs?

    Flea and tick prevention may differ for each pet depending on their location and the needs of each dog. You should also try medications labeled as broad-spectrum meaning they are effective against multiple species of flea and tick in pets. One broad-spectrum chewable treatment we have is Bravecto for dogs. Check out our pet medication comparison chart to see which medication is best for your pet.

  • Which flea and tick prevention is best?

    Your location and the needs of your pet is one factor in choosing the best flea and tick prevention for your pet. Consider using broad-spectrum preventives for your pets. Meaning they are effective against multiple species of flea and tick in pets. Some of these broad-spectrum medications we have are Frontline Plus, Advantix II for dogs, and Bravecto. Check out our pet medication comparison chart to see which treatment is best for your pet.

  • What month do you give flea and tick control?

    Your pets should be on their flea and tick preventives the whole year-round. Though fleas and ticks are most active in warmer seasons, this doesn't mean that these parasites are no more around during winter. These pests can be hiding in more temperate areas such as your house or warming up on a host they feed on to survive the winter season. Think as well that winter is probably the best time to eliminate these pests as they are fewer in number, therefore, giving you a higher chance to eradicate these pests.

Pet Care Essentials

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are common pet parasites known to be disease carriers. They are not just irritating but also harmful to your pets. Keep your pets safe and comfortable with flea and tick medications.

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Heartworm Control

Heartworms are dangerous roundworms transmitted by mosquitoes as a larva that matures into your pet's major organs, posing a significant threat to their health. Prevent your pet from the dangers of heartworms with heartworm control.

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Worms are parasites that commonly affect cats and dogs. There are lots of ways your pets can get infected if untreated. Regular dosing of worm control can help prevent the spread of parasites for your pets, family, or environment.

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