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Written by
Aug 09, 2018

Been using for over 10 years.Best prices,and service.Would highly recommend . Put the pill in peanut butter and the dogs take it easily. Thank you Pet Shed for the Great service and Great savings.

Saving Dogs For Cheap
Written by Lynne W
Jul 04, 2018

I cannot express my love of PetShed and the products enough. In Texas, so many dogs go without heartworm and flea prevention because the costs are so high. Since being introduced to PetShed, I have helped get over 30 dogs on monthly heartworm and flea prevention to keep them happy and healthy. I work with dog rescues, and they use PetShed to keep a supply of meds for their foster dogs. It has become my new mission to make sure that dogs and cats get heartworm prevention and flea treatments without breaking their owners' bank accounts. Thank you, PetShed, for being so helpful!

Love the Shed
Written by XARMY96
Jun 20, 2018

My sister has been ordering from them for years so I did to. Took a couple weeks but was EXACTLY what I wanted. Saved BIG MONEY!

Written by Doris Riehle
Jun 13, 2018

I ordered for the first time and was a little unsure about getting exactly what I ordered . Just received it yesterday and it was exactly what I wanted . Name brand , not a generic knockoff . Great prices ! Just can't use if you can't wait 2 to 3 weeks for to get your items .

Best prices on the planet!
Written by Mother Earth
Jun 12, 2018

Prices on flea & heartworm prevention treatment are the best we've found--half the cost at our vet's. Service is excellent with prompt mailing. Wish I'd known about them sooner.

Awesome prices, Great Customer Service
Written by bonolito57
Jun 03, 2018

I find petshed to be an awesome company. They have the best prices all around. The only thing that I find not so great is the time it takes to get to me and being able to track the package to know where it is when it takes longer than 2 weeks to get to me.. That would be great if they could do that. Other wise the products that I have received from them have been great. I have been getting products from them for years. I can;t find any other company that is as great as this one!!

Our Mom LOVES Pet Shed!!!!
Written by Debbie Corbin
May 29, 2018

Our name is Bailey and Charlee. We were adopted by our parents and since it is pretty expensive to raise cuties like us, our mom shops at Pet Shed! She buys our flea and tick preventative and our heart worm medicine. And, if we're really good, she buys us treats and toys! We must get more great stuff since Pet Shed costs less than the pet superstores and has a better variety than generic department stores. We Love Pet Shed!

So glad I found this website
Written by pat
May 29, 2018

Have been trying for about a year to find praziquantel (Troncil) for my outdoor cats that need worming a couple of times a year. I used to buy this online in the states but I guess this drug is now prescription required, which means I need to take my cat into the vet once a year to be checked before I can get the RX. Found PetShed and rec'd my order in about a week and a half. Used it once and my kittys are worm free now and I still have about 9 doses left, which should last a couple of years. Thank you PetShed.

Pet Shed Best Products and Prices Ever
Written by Claudia McDermott
May 28, 2018

I am a long time customer of Pet Shed. I have many rescue dogs, at count 8, so I need the best prices I can find. I've always been satisfied with the products, pricing and easy fast shipment. I always recommend Pet Shed to my friends with dogs and cats, and they are glad I did. You can't beat Pet Shed for the products you need.
Written by Trisha6341
May 27, 2018

I love Pet Shed. I have been ordering from them for several years and I am happy with the quality of the pet medicines and service I receive from Pet Shed. They save me money so I can afford to our dogs top of the line quality medicines. I highly recommend Pet Shed.