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My order
Written by Bonita Raper
Jun 13, 2020

I love ordering from you and made a another or but have received it yet it was before The virus broke out and would live for u to send it as soon as possible please . The Advocate works wonderful and would love to get it . Thank you for your time

Great Customer Service
Written by Patrick K.
Aug 19, 2019

I received my order and 1 of the Heartgard tablet package had a rip in it. I e-mailed Pet Shed and received a call telling me they would credit my account for 1 tablet. Can't beat that for customer service.

Written by Misty Ames
Aug 19, 2019

Hey there! Love pet shed, this really lowers my cost on my dogs nexguard for fleas and ticks. She is great with the meds! Love it!

Fleas nomore!
Written by Debbie
Aug 01, 2019

I love Bravecto! I was really over run with fleas one year. Sprayed yard and everything. I tried a few things on dogs and finally tried Bravecto. It did the trick! I combined it with a Dawn shampoo. It took care of the problem and resprayed the yard. I was totally clear between the three. I?ve used Bravecto ever since. And nomore fleas. I pill lasts three months. Normally costing $50 for one pill or more everywhere else. But over three months still not bad. Then I heard about Pet Shed and I spent $84 for my two dogs here. That would normally be $100 for the two dogs elsewhere. Plus no prescription required so no trip to vet to pay for just to get flea or heartworm prevention! It?s the best flea control on the market. You should give it a try and you?ll love it too! NOMORE FLEAS!

Love it
Written by Christy Braswell
Jun 29, 2019

I?ve used petshed for the last six months and I love it!!!

Written by babs50702
Jun 26, 2019

great price on heart gaurd the generic has the same ingredents at half the price with 3 dogs this is a big savings. only thing is the shipping takes a while
Written by lawmac
Jun 26, 2019

So far I am very pleased. I ordered the HeartGuard 12 days ago and got it yesterday. Let time considering it is coming from Singapore. Pricing is good. No complaints so far. The packaging is different that the product sold in the United States. I am assuming it is the international packaging version?

Anxious to see if the Nexgard works will let u know.
Written by dan
May 02, 2019

I hope this Nexgard is not counterfeit. I know there a lot of onlines sales of counterfeit stuff that dont work. I will let you know if it works. I have 13 dogs and they will give the test for sure. I will keep you updated. Chinese importation has me suspicious.

Setting the BAR! Competent & Superior
Written by Mark
Mar 22, 2019

Inexpensive, very FAST and competent! These people have set the bar so very high! #1 best place to buy! It's unheard of now-a-days, to be competent and hard working but every now and then a rare place is set apart. Thank you for being number #1.

Petshed is Amazing!
Written by Amanda D
Mar 12, 2019

They ship all products fast, and they save you time and money. The best place and pricw!