K9 Advantix For Dogs

Advantix combines imidacloprid with permethrin. The combination has been reported to complement the flea and tick activity of each component to create a synergistic effect. This product boasts killing and repellent activity against ticks and fleas.

Permethrin is a synthetic form of pyrethroid, which acts on the nervous system by interfering with sodium channels, prolonging the action of nerve impulses. This leads to a state of hyper-excitation which kills ticks via a spastic paralysis. It has a fast knockdown, as well as a repellent effect on ticks which is known as 'hot foot' activity. The compound irritates the ticks and they endeavor to avoid it, therefore also avoiding the treated animal.

One treatment prevents tick infestation for four weeks. Ticks already on the dog at the time of treatment will die, but remain attached and visible. Treatment with Advantix should start before the first expected exposure to ticks. Application at one-month intervals will control the four major ticks in the US, namely Brown Dog Ticks, American Dog Ticks, Lone Star Ticks and Deer Ticks.

During tick season, daily searching for and removal of ticks is recommended. Advantix repels up to 98.5 per cent of ticks within two hours. It can be used on puppies from seven weeks of age. Safety has been tested at up to five times the recommended label dosage in 10 to 11- month-old dogs with no adverse effects.

There is a wide range of products available for tick control. They work in slightly different ways, have different lengths of protection and cover different ticks.

The active ingredients commonly used to kill or repel ticks include fipronil, permethrin, amitraz and selamectin.

"[Advantix] boasts killing and repellent activity against ticks and fleas. Advantix repels up to 98.5 per cent of ticks within two hours."

Products containing permethrin may be used in dogs but should not be used in cats, as it is extremely toxic in those animals, causing seizures and death. Cats in close contact with treated dogs can be poisoned by these products. It is safe in dogs, but should not be used on young puppies.

Permoxin has been shown to prevent tick attachment for up to two weeks. However it is recommended that dogs be rinsed with the product every week in conjunction with daily inspections. If used as a flea spray, it can be applied daily, even though it binds to the hair coat and persists for at least a week. It can be used on pregnant and lactating dogs, but not on puppies less than 12 weeks of age.

Products used to prevent or control ticks include Frontline, Preventic collars, Permoxin Insecticidal Spray and Wash, Advantix and Revolution. Tick prevention should continue throughout the tick season, in conjunction with daily checking of the pet's skin for attached ticks.

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