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“ My vet recommended petshed heart worm preventative, when I moved to the southern US. I'm from the west and we never had to worry about buying preventative. We have seven dogs, so it would have been very costly. The prices and product are great. It also protects them against worms. I have recommended petshed to several different friends who have animals as well. Thank you! ”
“ been using petshed for awhile.awesome site. ”
“ Great products,great prices and fast shipping! What more could you ask for. ”
Big Dale
“ Pet Shed is a great pet supply company. I've been ordering from them for both dogs and cats for at least 10 years. They are dependable and have great quality products, both brand names and generic. All top quality at reasonable prices. Hard to believe they are in New Zealand. All packaging is secure and shipping timely. They are USA-friendly and extremely reliable. Revolution is my main purchase, but also dewormers, topical flea treatments, and most items that I've purchased are usually generic and have had the best positive results with all products. ”
Janet Seligson - Wolf