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“ I am a long time pet lover and have taken care of many cats and dogs. Now that I am retired and have two dogs, I find the cost of caring for them very expensive. A friend recommended Pet Shed; I started ordering the generic of heartworm medication. Two years later my 15 year old Lab and my 5 year old Heinz 57 are very healthy and I have saved a lot of $$$ with Pet Shed!! ”
“ I have been shopping from Petshed for years. For a fast and smart way to save time and money. I always recommend this site to others. I have never had a negative experience with this site and or receiving products in a timely manner. I would not over exagerate by giving this site 5 stars out of 5. Thank You, Sandy From Texas!!!!! ”
“ Claire is a service dog who visits nursing home facilities every week and has been doing so for more than 5 years. Naturally, her health is of utmost importance to us. We rely on Nuheart for her heartworm treatment and have done so since we have had her. The price is right and must work well, as she has never tested positive for heart worm. I thank PetShed for doing their part in keeping our Claire healthy, so that she can perform many more years of good work. ”
John Andrade
“ My parents found your sight and placed their order. When the exact same product I had been buying from the vet for 3x more (with a discount) arrived I placed my own order. So glad I can get the meds I need without a prescription and for a fraction of the price. ”