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Written by aj
Nov 29, 2018

excellent service, i placed my order of revolution and it arrived within 13 days of placing the order which was great. it came in a nice package/meaning it wasnt beat up or damaged, everything was sealed up nice. and i will be using petshed again for future purchases. my kitty will be happy too he will now be relieved of fleas and ear mites.

Written by JJ
Nov 02, 2018

Have used this product for years, I am totally satisfied with the product and price

Rowdy Thinks It?s A Scooby Snack.....sshhh
Written by Generic Heart Guard
Oct 19, 2018

Our dog Rowdy has been taking this product for years. The taste must be good, as he seems to think it?s a treat. Petshed has never disappointed us.

I love Petshed
Written by Amber
Oct 15, 2018

I absolutely love petshed. I have to dogs and buy their flea medicine, and heartgard from Petshed. I have not been able to find these same products this cheap anywhere else. I have been using them for almost a year, and I have had no issue with shipping or any of their products. I highly recommended this website!

Good company
Written by Tndkeith
Oct 15, 2018

I was septical about purchasing from Pet Shed because I love my dog and didnt want to give her something that could hurt her but I took the change and flag I did. Their products are the real thing and sooo much cheaper. Plus I don?t have to have a prescription for her med like I do in the US. Will continue to use them.

Written by birdlady
Oct 12, 2018

I have been using Revolution for many years. I am very satisfied with Revolution, the price is a big savings for me. The product arrives in about two weeks and in good condition every time. Thanks for providing this product for my dog and cats.

Received my order in 19 days :)
Written by Susan
Oct 05, 2018

I live in the U.S. and I ordered Revolution and received my order in exactly 19 days. Waiting a little over two weeks isn't bad at all considering I get such a great discount! Petshed also sent me an email that my order was delayed due to Hurricane Florence, so it probably would have gotten to me a few days sooner. I received exactly what I ordered and will definitely order again. Thanks Petshed!

My Go To Pet Shop
Written by Jaime Statham
Sep 20, 2018

I have been using Pet Shed for many years, I think I was first told about the site in 2009. I get my flea & heartworm medications for my pets from this site only. I tell EVERYONE that has a pet to check this site out. I?ve been at church before & dropped the PetShed URL to people. I love this site, I love the products & I truly appreciate you guys behind the scenes. I hope to be placing an order soon after all this Hurricane Florence recouping is settled here in New Bern, NC. A+ site all the way!!!
Written by
Aug 09, 2018

Been using for over 10 years.Best prices,and service.Would highly recommend . Put the pill in peanut butter and the dogs take it easily. Thank you Pet Shed for the Great service and Great savings.

Saving Dogs For Cheap
Written by Lynne W
Jul 04, 2018

I cannot express my love of PetShed and the products enough. In Texas, so many dogs go without heartworm and flea prevention because the costs are so high. Since being introduced to PetShed, I have helped get over 30 dogs on monthly heartworm and flea prevention to keep them happy and healthy. I work with dog rescues, and they use PetShed to keep a supply of meds for their foster dogs. It has become my new mission to make sure that dogs and cats get heartworm prevention and flea treatments without breaking their owners' bank accounts. Thank you, PetShed, for being so helpful!