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Written by Arlene
Oct 07, 2017

I always order the revolution flea med for my cat at this location. This med works the best, plus my cat is diabetic so there is not reaction with this med. Great product and price. Arlene
Written by sabine grizzle
Sep 28, 2017

Pet shed is a great resource to get meds. for your dog. When you call the representatives, they at a are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Petshed is the place to get your pet medications!
Written by Sheltie Mom
Sep 28, 2017

I have purchased Revolution flea and tick control for my 4 shelties for years from Pet Shed. The pricing is competitive, even with the shipping charges, and the product works perfectly. The ordering process is easy and I like the Pet Shed contests and calendars they have from time to time. Thanks Pet Shed, you'll continue to be my go-to place for pet meds!

thank you
Written by pinkdolphin
Sep 26, 2017

your prices are very competitive and when you are on a budget like me i appreciate it thank you!

Quality products at low prices.
Written by GAP13811
Sep 25, 2017

I have been purchased Nu Heart and nextguard for my dogs for 7 years. Pet Shed has name brand and generic products the same as your vet and other pet pharmacy companies at much lower prices. I have done lots of research comparing prices and pet sheds prices are $70 lower than other companies.

Happy puppies
Written by Dee
Sep 25, 2017

Easy ordering from the website. Fast delivery and product exactly what I wanted and a great price.

Revolution for Dogs! Best Product and Best Price!
Written by Buddha's Mom and Dad
Sep 24, 2017

For nearly 15 years, from Pet Shed, we have ordered Revolution for Dogs. Since then, we have never found a single flea or tick on our dogs. One of our girls came from the shelter, was skinny (worse that those you might have seen on tv) and with a skin condition that caused horrible balding spots on her poor little skin. It was probably some form of mange. The first day home, we applied Revolution and, within days, all of the bald spots disappeared! She developed a beautiful black, shiny coat. Within just a few more days, she began to eat and didn't stop! We had Zoe for 13.5 years and not one flea or tick ever appeared--ever! Our most recent boy, Buddha, also is from the shelter and came to us with anaplasmosis, a tick-born illness, making it imperative for us to have a good flea and tick deterrent. As well, we needed something he could easily tolerate--which he definitely has! We've now had him 1.5 years, he's healthy, happy, and the absolute love of our lives! Thank you, Revolution and Pet Shed!

The only product I use: None Better!
Written by Joyce
Sep 21, 2017

Revolution is the ONLY topical I will use on my dogs and cats, It protects from virtually everything and is the only topical that efficiently (in only hours) kills mange -- even on rabbits. Used half-vial, cat version on my 10 year old bunny who had somehow contacted head mange, and it worked. As long as the animal is basically healthy, this is a miracle. Do NOT use on weak, sick or otherwise impaired animals without checking with a vet first, It is strong and It is systematic. It can harm animals with a very weakened immune system.

Flea Free
Written by UnclePepe
Sep 21, 2017

My package of revolution for cats took its time getting here. It had been about 2 weeks. I contacted customer service who promptly and curtiously responded with an E-mail suggesting I wait just a few days longer. That Monday it was indeed in the mailbox. My cat Lilly had been suffering with fleas even after being given frontline for 2 months. After recieving the package I promptly applied the medicine to Lily. It's been 3 days since I applied the medication and I haven't seen her scratch once. She looks very relieved and happy to be rid of her fleas. So even with a slight wait for the product, it was well worth it. This product is much better than Frontline, and Pet Shed customer service is top notch!

Great service and pricing
Written by Chris
Sep 21, 2017

I have placed several orders with Pet Shed and have nothing but fantastic experiences each time. The prices are phenomenal and the service is quick and friendly. I will continue to recommend them to my other pet owning friends and colleagues.