What Puts a Dog at Risk of Worms?

Though parasite infestation is not a pleasant subject, it is something that every dog owner needs to be cautious about and take steps to prevent. Heartworm and tapeworminfestations can have negative, and sometimes serious, consequences to your dogs health and well-being.

Can fleas and parasites harm my family?

As a pet owner, you are probably already aware of at least some of the most common parasites to affect dogs and cats. Fleas, ticks and worms can all cause problems for our pets, but did you know that they can also present a threat to your family? In this blog, we discuss these zoonotic parasites and explain how to keep your pets and your family safe and healthy.

How Can I Tell Which Type of Worm my Dog Has?

Do you suspect that your dog has worms? Before you spend your money on deworming pet meds , you first need to know what kind of worm infection you are treating. In this blog, we look at the five most common types of parasitic worms that infect dogs, as well as discussing which pet meds is the right treatment for each one.

What Puts a Dog at Risk of Worms?

One of the most common problems for dogs is infestation by parasitic worms. Although there are reliable and effective pet meds available to deworm your pet dog, preventing him or her from infection is preferable to having to use pet meds . What puts a dog at risk of becoming infected by parasitic worms? We look at the risk-factors that your dog may face, and discover how to minimize the threat of infection.

Pet Health

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True or False : Fleas are annoying, but they aren't actually harmful to pets.