How Much Do You Know About Flea and Heartworm? Take the quiz!

True or False : Fleas are annoying, but they aren't actually harmful to pets.

Answer : False.

Although fleas are small, they can cause a number of health problems for cats and dogs. Flea allergy dermatitis, itchy and other skin complaints are a common side-effect of an untreated flea infestation. Fleas can also pass internal parasites to pets, and long-term infestation causes anemia in young animals. Using Revolution every month will stop fleas from getting the opportunity to infest your pet and prevent these flea related problems from happening.

How do heartworm infect pets?

Heartworm is an internal parasite which infects cats and dogs through an intermediate host the mosquito. When a mosquito that is infected with heartworm-larvae bites an animal, the heartworm is passed into the animal's blood stream. The larvae migrates to the heart and lungs where it develops into mature heartworm. Heartworm infestation is a very serious condition and treating pets with the parasite preventative Revolution is always preferable and less stressful than having to treat a pet with curative medicine.

True or False: Revolution must be reapplied if your pet goes swimming or gets wet in the rain.

Answer : False

The anti-parasitic pet medicines Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs contain ingredients which are water fast when dry. Two hours after an application of Revolution, the product will remain effective against parasites even if your pet swims, is bathed or otherwise gets wet. Revolution provides broad spectrum protection against both fleas and heartworm, as well as other parasites for a whole month whatever your pet gets up to!

What should you do if you see fleas or evidence of fleas on your pets?

If you see fleas, or evidence of fleas (such as your pet scratching itself excessively, and black specks in its fur) the first action you should take is to apply Revolution. Revolution kills adult fleas and stops flea eggs from hatching, effectively breaking the flea life cycle and bringing the infestation to a rapid end.

True or False : Revolution can be applied to pets from the age of six weeks.

Answer : True

Pets of all ages need help from their owners to stay free from infestation by fleas and heartworm. Revolution offers a practical and safe way to make sure that even puppies and kittens are protected from these parasites. Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs are approved for use on pets aged six weeks and over.