Troy Ilium Ear Drops

Unique Features of Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz:

  • Ear cleaner for dogs and cats
  • Formulated to remove necrotic tissue, debris and wax
  • Effectively treats against pet ear mites, bacterial and fungal infections
  • Can safely clean moist, waxy and smelly canine or feline ears
  • Useful treatment for minor bacterial and yeast infections
  • Active ingredients: Lactic Acid and Salycylic Acid
  • Easy-to-use plastic bottle with nozzle tip




Style Number: I2000-CONFIG

Product Detail: Troy Ilium Ear Drops

Information about Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz:

Do your dog or cats ears have a funny smell? Then it?s possible they might already have a bacterial or fungal infection. Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz is a highly recommended and effective treatment for ear mites, bacterial and fungal infections. They are also useful for cleaning moist, waxy and smelly pet canine or feline ears.

Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz is also good for treating minor bacterial and yeast infections in your dog or cat?s ear. They start working immediately. With continuous use, your canine?s and feline?s ears will end up smelling clean and oh so heavenly.

Active ingredients in Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz include Lactic Acid, Salycylic Acid and other ingredients like Piperonyl Butoxide, Lignocaine Hydrochloride, Dichlorophen and Pyrethrins. With Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz, you can be assured that your pet dog or cats ears are always protected and properly maintained.

Directions for Use

Instil 4-8 drops in the ear twice daily for 4-7 days.

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This Stuff Works!
Written by Anonymous
Jun 08, 2011

My tweenie Dachshund and old Lab have had smelly, itchy ears for a long time now. I've tried warmed olive oil, vinegar and rubbing alcohol, and warmed buffered saline to clean their ears. Finally, after one round of Troy Ilium ear drops, they are no longer scratching at smelly, itchy ears! Winston, Ebony, my vets and I are all "Happy Campers"! Thanks, Pet Shed, for my happy dogs