Troy Ilium Ear Drops

Unique Features of Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz:

  • Ear cleaner for dogs and cats
  • Formulated to remove necrotic tissue, debris and wax
  • Effectively treats against pet ear mites, bacterial and fungal infections
  • Can safely clean moist, waxy and smelly canine or feline ears
  • Useful treatment for minor bacterial and yeast infections
  • Active ingredients: Lactic Acid and Salycylic Acid
  • Easy-to-use plastic bottle with nozzle tip




Style Number: I2000-CONFIG

Product Detail: Troy Ilium Ear Drops

Information about Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz:

Do your dog or cats ears have a funny smell? Then it?s possible they might already have a bacterial or fungal infection. Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz is a highly recommended and effective treatment for ear mites, bacterial and fungal infections. They are also useful for cleaning moist, waxy and smelly pet canine or feline ears.

Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz is also good for treating minor bacterial and yeast infections in your dog or cat?s ear. They start working immediately. With continuous use, your canine?s and feline?s ears will end up smelling clean and oh so heavenly.

Active ingredients in Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz include Lactic Acid, Salycylic Acid and other ingredients like Piperonyl Butoxide, Lignocaine Hydrochloride, Dichlorophen and Pyrethrins. With Ilium Ear Drops 0.68 oz, you can be assured that your pet dog or cats ears are always protected and properly maintained.

Directions for Use

Instil 4-8 drops in the ear twice daily for 4-7 days.

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product review
Written by Gene Dibble
Oct 28, 2015

Great results for yeast infection for my golden retrievers

ear drops
Written by ls
May 02, 2015

I use this in my English bulldog's ears weekly and have not had an ear infection

Best Stuff in the world!
Written by Dawn the dog groomer
Mar 14, 2015

My Catahoula Zak has chronic yeast problems. I have been using this product for the last 13 years, when ever it pops up. My Veterinarian said this would work as well as anything he could prescribe to me. I use it on my dogs and cats as needed. This is always something I keep on hand. In my humble option, this is well worth the getting. Dawn and Zak

great product
Written by virgo091179
Dec 21, 2014

this is a great product easy to use and works great!

Best Ever!
Written by 3 Golden Boys
Nov 03, 2014

I have been purchasing products from Pet Shed for 5 years now and I am never disappointed. I cannot go without having at least one bottle of Ilium ear drops on hand at all times. This product has saved me numerous trips to the vet and has always cleared up my Golden's ears. My vet also gave me the okay to use . great product!

Best Stuff in the world!
Written by Dawn the dog groomer
Aug 19, 2014

As a Professional Pet Groomer for over 12 years and an owner of a dog with chronic ear problems, I have found that Troy Ilium ear drops have been the BEST Stuff for all of my animals. The price is right and it was is always shipped quickly. The lidocaine hydrochloride short-acting local anaesthetic works supper FAST to take away that itchy feeling that my now 13 yr old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, gets in his right ear, due to an ongoing yeast problem! Thank You Pet Shed ! <3

Not working well for my dog.
Written by Diane K
Aug 05, 2014

I have tried this product for a week on my golden's ear and I am not getting the results that I wanted. His ear is still very red. I waited for this to come overseas and I wish I had ordered from another site for ear medication. I was hoping this would have worked. On to finding something else.

Works Great!
Written by Norman
Sep 08, 2013

My WPG had an on going ear infection for 4-5 months. Several trips to the vet and several different medications left his ears sore and still infected. I bought Troy Ilium Ear Drops and his ears were clear of infection in 7 days and it didn't harm his already sensitive ears. I wish I had this product earlier because it would have saved me several hundred dollars at the vet office.

What Labs need
Written by Anonymous
Oct 14, 2011

We've had Labs for many years. The equation is Labs=Love Water=Ear Problems, so we are always skittish about too much swimming. But a Lab is a Lab. We've tried many medications, but Troy Ilium Ear Drops are BY FAR the best we have ever found. We highly recommend it, a does Charlee our latest Lab.

Love this company.
Written by Anonymous
Jul 21, 2011

The product arrived much faster than I expected. I have a senior ShihTzu who has been plagued with itchy, smelly ears. I have been using the Troy ear drops for two weeks and she is no longer itchy or smelly. I will be ordering in bulk. I work in dog rescue and we are always looking for products that work. One other thing. You have put the music back in my old girls ears.