14 Pet-Safety Tips to Remember During Spring Season

Pet-Safety Tips to Remember During Spring Season Banner

Blog April 1, 2019

Is your pet ready for Spring?

Spring! What a beautiful time of the year but beauty can have its thorns as well. More outdoor time makes your pets more vulnerable to pests that may cause danger to your pets. Here are 14 tips to make your spring fun and safe for your pets!

  1. Keep pets inside

    Dogs need exercise and love going for a run in the backyard, likewise, many cats love exploring, but remember that the grass in the backyard can also be a breeding ground for fleas. If you find that your pets are coming back with fleas each time they venture outside you may want to consider keeping them inside or taking them for a walk on a leash.

  2. Keep hazardous plants and supplies out of reach

    Move all dangerous things out of reach from your pets especially cleaning chemicals and supplies as spring-cleaning is an honored tradition for most households. Medications, laundry, wires, garbage and poisonous indoor plants like easter lily should be moved out of reach as well.

  3. Clean anti-freeze

    Clean all anti-freeze from the floor and driveway as one taste of it can be hazardous to animals.

  4. Leash and collar pet

    Leash and collar your pet whenever outside to avoid loss and make them easily identified.

  5. Microchip your pet

    Spring means more time to walk outside and go on trips to the park. have your pet microchipped to ensure you can reunite with your pet.

  6. Visit the Vet

    Make sure your pet is checked up annually and vaccinations are up-to-date especially anti-rabies vaccines.

  7. Careful on sweets and decorations

    Always remember that chocolates and candies are bad for your pets. Same goes for plastic decorations as it can lead to digestive problems.

  8. Sniffin' for easter eggs or egg worms?

    Dogs are in danger of getting worms especially when they start sniffing for easter eggs. More outside time means they can sniff egg worms or get egg worms on their fur and lick it when grooming. Make sure your pet is on worm control.

  9. Plenty of exercises

    Spring is the perfect time to get plenty of exercises to help keep your pet healthy and live longer!

  10. Achoo! Spring allergies!

    Pets can be allergic to some foods, dust particles, and pollen. These allergic reactions can cause itching, sniffing and sneezing, or a life-threatening anaphylactic shock to insect bites and stings. Any suspicions of spring allergies mean a visit to the vet.

  11. Itchy-itchy, pesky pests!

    Many flowers are about but this also means many pesky little pests are about too. Make sure your pet is on its year-round flea and tick, and heartworm prevention.

  12. Gardening with pets safely

    It's the best time to make your garden grow but remember that fertilizers and pesticides have ingredients that are dangerous to pets so keep them out of the way. Some plants and flowers are highly toxic plants like rhododendron and azaleas.

  13. Flea free home!

    Fleas reside on your pet only 20% of their time, the rest is in your carpet. Make sure to vacuum your carpet and/or use flea powder on them.

  14. Give them extra protection

    If you are living in a tick area consider a tick collar. If these pests keep coming back, you might also consider giving your pet a bath using a flea-and-tick shampoo.

See how you can ensure pet safety throughout your pet's daily life cycle through our infographic.