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Generic Alternative to Heartgard (Ivermectin) 6 month supply is a monthly treatment for the prevention of heartworm in canines. It protects dogs from the potentially deadly heartworm disease by getting rid of the heartworm larvae that infect your pets in the last month before treatment. Contains Ivermectin which is used to rid animals and humans of many internal and external parasites.

Heartworms aren?t heart-friendly. Canines suffering from heartworm disease have worms the size of spaghetti living in their hearts. Your precious pooch can become very ill and die. Regular use of Generic Alternative to Heartgard (Ivermectin) controls heartworm infections from even the previous 4 months. And just because it?s generic does it mean it?s less effective. Generic Alternative to Heartgard (Ivermectin) gives you the same heart protection for your dogs minus the high cost.

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A Fabulous Product!
Dec 09, 2011

I don't know what we would've done without Petshed and it's generic Heartgard Tabs! We used to purchase from our vet and everyone we tell cannot believe we get it for such a GREAT price and FAST shipping from Petshed! I was sick for weeks when I lost a Boston Terrier to heartworms about 12 years ago (by the time we realized what was wrong & did the really expensive treatment to kill them, the damage had already been done to her little heart) so I vowed to put my new Boston Terrier on the treatment from Day 1!! The expense, however, nearly broke me! Then I found Petshed (a God-send!!) and am very happy to say that my "Harley" (a boy this time) has tested negative for ANY types of worms, heart or otherwise, for over 11 years now! The Frontline flea & tick meds are WAY less expensive from Petshed also and is the BEST I've found for flea/tick control. I sleep very well at night with my Harley next to me knowing that he will live a life free of heartworms!! Thanks Petshed!!

excellent product
Dec 07, 2011

This is an excellent product which brings the cost of keeping my dogs healthy into a manageable level. Thanks so much for offering a generic product!

Dec 07, 2011

Thank you guys for this product.I have 6 dogs and 2 cats,without this product I would be unable to afford heartworm preventive med for them all.They are always tested yearly for heartworms,and are always negative.Ilive in a midsouth state in the USA ,where heartworms are common.Thanks again for making this product affordable.

Great Product!
Dec 06, 2011

I have been using PetShed for several years now. I got a dog from a rescue shelter almost 3 years ago. He had heartworms when I got him. I got rid of those and immediately started him on this prevention medicine and he is still heartworm free! My other dog is 6 and has been on this product her whole life. She is also heartworm free! I would recommend this product to anyone as an affordable option that really works!

Great product~
Dec 04, 2011

I have 2 Mini Schnauzer's which are on heart worm prevention, Pet Shed's generic brand must be great tasting cause my babies gobble the pills right up each month. Every time I make an order over the internet, it is easy & fast, the order gets here within a week. I have been ordering from Pet Shed for almost 8 yrs, the price is right & the service is perfect. I have recommend family & friends who have ordered from Pet Shed. I will only shop at Pet Shed, cause once you find a great store & service you don't want to go else where... Thanks & Keep up the Great work Jules, Fletcher & Hayden