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Generic Alternative to Heartgard (Ivermectin) 6 month supply is a monthly treatment for the prevention of heartworm in canines. It protects dogs from the potentially deadly heartworm disease by getting rid of the heartworm larvae that infect your pets in the last month before treatment. Contains Ivermectin which is used to rid animals and humans of many internal and external parasites.

Heartworms aren?t heart-friendly. Canines suffering from heartworm disease have worms the size of spaghetti living in their hearts. Your precious pooch can become very ill and die. Regular use of Generic Alternative to Heartgard (Ivermectin) controls heartworm infections from even the previous 4 months. And just because it?s generic does it mean it?s less effective. Generic Alternative to Heartgard (Ivermectin) gives you the same heart protection for your dogs minus the high cost.

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Best for my pets
Sep 11, 2014

I have been using petshed for many years, I order my friends things for their pets and recently just ordered my parents their meds for their pet, we love Pet Shed, never a problem!!!!

Nuheart gives my pup a Nuheart
Sep 09, 2014

When it came time renew the vet recommended $60/month heartworm pills we just could not afford that. But I love my pup dearly, more than most of my family really. So I knew I had to research what our options were. After doing the research I found out that my pup did not need the Gucci style pills the vet was offering. But what did he need? This was shaping up to be quite the caper. So I dug a bit deeper and found PetShed thanks to google. Much like my lab mix, I dug even deeper and found Nuheart. I discovered it's the exact same active ingredients as the major time tested heartworm pills, none of the Gucci fillers (which are not proven to help and the research is still out on long term use). Since I value time tested medication, I chose Nuheart for my pup and it's been wonderful. I'm proud to say I paid over 75% less than the vet wanted my pup is still heartworm free and healthy. I've referred others to PetShed who are also happy customers and I will continue to recommend them and buy from them.

Just as effective as name brand
Sep 09, 2014

We have been buying Nuheart heartworm medicine from Pet Shed for several years. It really does work as effectively as the name brands. We have to have our dogs tested every 3 years, and the results always come back negative. During the summer we get a lot of rain so there are lots of mosquitoes. We will continue using this product. It's less expensive and works great.

Pet Meds
Sep 08, 2014

I am so glad that I found this product. Not only is it priced more reasonably than Heartgard but I dont have to go to the hassle of getting a prescription from my vet. If my dog does not have a recent wellness exam, they will not sell it to me. So this made my life easier in caring for my furr children

Best Value
Sep 08, 2014

We have been buying from Pet Shed for years. They have great values and fast, reliable shipping. Pet Shed is a great help to us with products like "nuheart" because we have three dogs at the moment and costs can add up fast; especially with veterinary bills. We are reluctant to buy from just anyone on the internet and the rescue that we are involved with has been using Petshed for years as well. We know that we can trust the products that we buy from here, and the shipping is very reliable. That's what keeps us coming back.