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Advantage Multi (Advocate)

Advantage Multi for Cats provides broad-spectrum parasite protection in a convenient monthly application:
     • Kills adult fleas and treats flea infestations
     • Treats and controls ear mites
     • Treats and controls roundworms and hookworms
     • Prevents heartworm disease

Advantage Multi for Dogs provides broad-spectrum parasite protection in a convenient monthly application:
     • Prevents heartworm disease
     • Treats circulating microfilaria in heartworm positive dogs
     • Kills adult fleas and treats flea infestations
     • Treats and controls common intestinal parasites: roundworms, hookworms and whipworms
     • Treats and controls sarcoptic mange


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Style Number: ADV101

Product Detail: Advantage Multi (Advocate)

Advantage Multi is known as Advocate in Australia and the UK. Pet Shed sells the Australian or UK packaged version of Advantage Multi (Advocate). Advocate offers protection against multiple parasites in one easy to administer topical monthly dose – no need to battle with tablets!

Advocate's unique formula prevents heartworm disease in cats and dogs while controlling fleas, roundworms and hookworms and ear mites in both species and whipworms, Sarcoptes and Demodex mites in dogs. Advocate works rapidly to control fleas, killing over 98% of adult fleas within 12 hours of application. Protecting your pet against common parasites has never been easier with this fantastic new product.


Directions for use: Use the top of the cap to break seal of tube. Part hair between the shoulder blades until skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze tube firmly to apply solution directly to the skin.

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Long Distance Cat Rescue
Written by NT
Oct 03, 2014

I live in New England and my friend lives in Florida. She new of a little black kitten up near me that needed rescuing from a very unhappy and unhealthy environment. She knew I love cats and that this little one would thrive in my home with my other kitties so the "rescue mission" was set in place! My daughter and I loaded up my car with a carrier, a soft kitty bed, food, and toys and as soon as the kitty arrived we swept her up and she settled into my daughter's lap as we took off for her wonderful new home! That was now 6 years ago that Bella became a part of our family and it is all because of my friend! My friend recently told me how great an experience she has had with this company and the product, so I'm happy to be making my first purchase today.

Love Advantage Multi
Written by Kim Patton
Sep 24, 2014

I purchased Advantage Multi from Pet Shed and received it with just a few days even though I live very far away. The product worked very well and I saw no adverse reactions from any of my animals. Fleas and intestinal parasites are terrible in the southern USA and this product makes it much easier to control them and keep my pets healthy and comfortable. I am also pleased with the cost.

Advocate Multi - Excellent Product.
Written by Mary Souza
Sep 18, 2014

This is the best product I have found for controlling all parasites, heartworm, mites, etc in my animals. This product is far superior to the U.S. version, which doesn't protect my pets from nearly the number of parasites. FIVE STAR.

Best price hands down
Written by Debbie Lugowski
Sep 01, 2014

I have 2 cats and live in an area (Louisiana) that is a high heartworm area. Purchasing this product from my vet was breaking the bank. I knew that even though my babies were indoor cats, they could still get fleas and heartworms. Someone told me about Thank you Jesus. My vet told me she can not even purchase this medication so cheap. Also, is was delivered very quickly. I have ordered several items, and have yet to have a problem. Thank you Petshed!

Works Great
Written by MelB
Aug 22, 2014

Forget the high Vet prices. This is the same stuff for a much lower price. Works great and are dogs have been healthy for many years! I've ordered stuff from this company for years and have no complaints.

Written by JULI
Aug 20, 2014

Advocate is fabulous for fleas/ticks and intestinal organisms! In Texas we have all of them on EVERY dog, so using Advocate has made our lives (and our dogs) much better!!

great combination
Written by carroll allen
Aug 20, 2014

So good to have the heartworm with the flea meds and be a topical med. Topical is good too so don't have to poke it down their throat or get something to put it in. Also, service has been great also. Timely delivery. Thank you.

Flea meds
Written by Charmaine
Aug 20, 2014

I recommend this product to everyone and always order from Pet Shed. Great prices and shipping is quick.

Fleas be gone.
Written by SW
Aug 20, 2014

This is a great product. I have been using it for several months now and it works great. I also love that it's two products in one, fleas and heartworm protection. Put it on and your done.

Truly reliable
Written by whizzie1
Aug 19, 2014

We've used this product on both of our dogs and find it truly reliable and safe to use. When we adopted our second dog, she had heartworms and the Humane Society had her on this medication for the disease, and we've faithfully continued with it. We live in an environment where there's always new dogs around so we take no chances.