11 Summer Safety Tips for Pets

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Blog June 28, 2019

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Pet ready for summer

We're all fired up for summer! The heat can't stop us from having fun outside, which makes this season more enjoyable. But just like in spring, pets are still vulnerable to pesky pests this summer. Here are 11 points to remember so you can enjoy the summertime without risking your pet's safety:

  1. Careful with the water (beach and pool)

    The beach has always been a go-to destination during summer. It's fun and relaxing, but don't let the warm water and the bright sun trick you! A few reminders when going to the beach with your pets:

    • Keep them cool to avoid heat stroke
    • Avoid the hottest parts of the day
    • Give them floaties to help them swim (yes, dogs need them too)
    • Don't let them drink sea water and stagnant water
    • Always keep an eye on your pets
    • Put sunscreen for pets on parts with thinner fur (nose and ears)
  2. Cooking out?

    Know which foods are good or bad for your pets. Meat with barbeque sauce and corn cobs, for example, are not particularly good for our fur friends. Also, careful on the ice cream.

  3. Cars and quick errands

    Never leave your dog in the car even for just a quick errand in the store. If possible, bring them along with you. It's quite obvious that with extreme heat, it will be even hotter inside the car and leaving pets alone in the car can be extremely fatal.

  4. Going outdoors?

    Always, always carry a bottle of water anywhere you go to keep your pet hydrated and to avoid heatstroke.

  5. Exercise? Change schedule!

    Take a walk or play outdoors when it's cool, like in the morning or at night.

  6. Walking on sidewalks

    With the hot summer weather, sidewalks can be too hot for your pet to walk on. Try a different route for your pet avoiding asphalt and rough pavements so your pet's paw pads do not get burnt. One tip is to look for shady sidewalks or grassy area to walk your dog.

  7. Visit the Vet

    Parvoviruses spread in the hot season and more time outdoors may expose your pet to infection caused by critters with rabies. Diseases caused by flea, ticks, and heartworms may also infect your pet. Prevent these by keeping them on their year-round preventives.

  8. Cool treats

    Give your pets some ice pops or ice cubes by freezing tasty treats or toys in ice to keep your pets chill because hey, it's summer.

  9. Check for ticks

    Always check for ticks after a trip outdoors especially from woody areas.

  10. Brush brush brush

    Get rid of the extra fur! Brush more often to get rid of the matted fur to help them cool down. Pets often get rid of extra fur on warm seasons.

  11. Keep your house cool

    If you will be leaving your pet at home, leave the air condition on and close the drapes. If you don't have an AC, leave the windows open and turn on the fan. Remember though to screen your windows so pets don't wander off.

Kareli Lizcano Unsplash
Photo by Kareli Lizcano from Unsplash

It's the season of disease

Insect activities are more alive in summer. It's best to prevent your pets from getting harmful bacterias and diseases from pesky fleas and ticks. Keep them safe especially this summer with our bestseller flea and tick and heartworm medications.

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