How To Stop Your Dog Scratching

Itchy dogs are all too common. Itching can be an indication of many different skin diseases so, without a good examination, it can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly what is wrong.

So what can you do for your dog at home? Ideally, you should visit your vet for a correct diagnosis, but you can start by ruling out a few things yourself.

Causes of itching
Some of the more common causes of
itching in dogs and cats are:
  • Fleas; either the fleas themselves or an allergic reaction to fleas called flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).
  • Other allergies, including inhaled allergies, contact allergies and food allergies.
  • Parasites, such mites and lice and sometimes even flies.
  • Seborrhea, an over-secretion of the skin glands causing flaky or greasy skin.
Stop your dog scratching
Petshed's most popular anti-scratching treatments are right here:

If the itching doesn't respond to these treatments, your veterinarian may wish to carry out further tests to identify what is causing the itching. These tests can include scraping the skin for mites, taking skin biopsies, sticky tape preparations for fungi, a UV (Woods) lamp for ringworm, or allergy skin or blood tests.

Once they have a cause, a more definitive treatment will be recommended, often incorporating the above-mentioned therapies in addition to other medications.