Preventic Tick Collar


    •    kills and eliminates ticks from all parts of the body.
    •    paralysis ticks in dogs for up to 2 months.
    •    has an active constituent called Amitraz which inhibits 
         the tick from 'feeding' on your dog.
    •    PREVENTIC detached and removes ticks before they infect. 
    •     And it works continuously for up to 2 months.



Style Number: VIR555-CONFIG

Product Detail: Preventic Tick Collar

Virbac Preventive 2 Month Tick Collar For Dogs

The Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs is manufactured by Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd.

It is an easy to use product which helps control ticks, including the paralysis tick, for up to 8 weeks.

The collar slowly releases the active ingredient which migrates over the dog's entire body. The powder released is insoluble in water and has a high affinity for hair and skin.

How to use the product

This product can be used on healthy non-lactating dogs over the age of 16 weeks.

The collar should be placed around the dog's neck and fit such that 2 or 3 fingers can easily be placed between the animal's neck and the collar. If the collar is fitted too tightly irritation may occur. Any excess length of collar should be removed and disposed of to prevent the animal from chewing on it. Owners should wash their hands after handling the collar.

The collar should be replaced every 8 weeks for continual coverage.

The collar should be removed immediately if local irritation is noted.


Daily tick searches are still recommended for maximal tick protection during tick season.



One size is available, a 60cm collar.

Active ingredients

The active ingredient in this product is Amitraz at a concentration of 90g/kg. Amitraz is a neurotoxin which works by affecting the central nervous system of the tick.

Contraindications and warnings

Do not administer to sick or convalescing animals.

Do not use on puppies under the age of 16 weeks.

Not to be used on lactating bitches.

Do not allow animals to chew the collar.

Do not allow children to handle the collar.

Wash hands after applying the collar and dispose of excess collar length immediately.

Do not use this product in any manner contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Seek prompt veterinary or medical attention if poisoning occurs or contact The Poisons Information Centre.

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question regarding collar worn in water
Jun 28, 2014

I live in the woods and use this collar on a regular basis. I now have 2 dogs, one a puppy, and need to reorder. However, my dogs are either in the water or swim every day. Does this affect the effectiveness of the collar or should I attempt to remove it before they enter the water (if I'm quick enough)! I will reorder asap but waiting for your answer. Thank you.

Preventic collar and Demodectic Mange
Dec 12, 2011

I run a busy grooming salon in upstate New York. The ticks were very bad this year so I use and recommend the Peventic collars. I sold a collar to one of my customers and 8 weeks later when she returned for her next grooming appointment she told me that she no longer has to give her dog his daily medication for Demodectic Mange. I was currious about the ingredient Armitraz and when I reserched it I found it is an often used drug to treat Demodectic Mange. Her dog no longer has red skin and his hair has grown in for the first time in 4 years. She thinks I'm a miracle worker!

Great product!
Sep 17, 2011

We live in the mountains and one of our three dogs runs through the brush twice daily protecting her territory. She gets ticks the most of the three. These collars have worked when all other products have failed. Great stuff!

Great stuff
Apr 04, 2011

I went on vacation last summer and when I returned my outside dogs were covered in ticks. I immediately bought Frontline which had worked in the past, but it did no good. Later, I was told it only prevents ticks, but doesn't kill them. I tried dip. It didn't work either. One of my dogs was old and I was afraid the ticks would kill him. After searching on the internet, I learned about these collars and ordered them. Amazingly, within a week or two the ticks were all gone. There's nothing better and the price is much more reasonable than drops.

Preventic -- the one that works
Mar 21, 2011

This product works. It's that simple. Living in a center of Lyme Disease , controlling ticks is critical to both my dogs' and my health. Unlike other products -- collars, sprays, drops -- Preventic really does the job. Within 24 hours of placing a Preventic collar on the dog ticks are dying and retreating. From then on, for the full two months, there is never another tick. I rate it particularly highly because if prevents ticks from biting and therefore eliminates any chance of Lyme Disease infection. We've been using Preventic for many years and find it to be a consistent winner.