August 22, 2008

The Search For The Best Puppy Wormer

You might think that puppies are too young to have worms - but you’d think wrong. Unfortunately for us pet lovers, even puppies are not safe from these parasites. In fact, most puppies are infected with worm larvae while still in their mother’s womb.

If you want them to grow up as healthy dogs, it is important that you deal with worm problems as early as possible. This article will attempt to determine the best puppy wormer available in the market by setting a few criteria on what an ideal puppy wormer should be.

What are dog wormers?

Dog wormers are medicines which are given to a dog to get rid of worms - specifically: roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. These parasites can pose a serious health threat to our pets and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Although dog wormers may be recommended for a dog’s worm problems, we can’t always say the same for puppies. Read on and be informed when it comes time to finding the best puppy wormer for your pet.

These are only a couple of tips on what you should be looking for when searching for the best puppy wormer for your pet. It may not be that easy to find them but it is better to be safe than sorry. I know this list is not that extensive so I’m going to ask you: What other characteristics should the best puppy wormer have, in your opinion?

The Pet Lover Chronicles: Over-the-counter Dog Wormers

Worms are a year-round problem which means finding a solution should be a pet lovers year-round task. How do we find the best dog wormer for our pet then? Over-the-counter dog wormers can be readily bought from your local pet shop or feeds supply store, but are these enough? Can these over-the-counter dog wormers really get rid of dog worms?

Before everything else, it is very important that you know which type of wormer will help alleviate your problem. Some may work better than others, some may not work at all. This can be a problem with over-the-counter dog wormers; you cannot really be sure about their effects on your pet or on the intestinal worms themselves. Your vet is still the best source of information and medication for your pet when it comes to wormers. Wormers are poisonous to the worms but can also make your dog sick, especially if not used in their proper dosage.

Why do pet owners buy over-the-counter dog wormers?

The main consideration for many pet lovers when finding the best treatment for dog worms is the cost. I’ll be blunt; if you want the best worm treatment for your dog, it will cost you. This is what drives most of us to skip the vet consultation and just go straight to the nearest pet shop and buy what wormer we think is best. Let me be even more blunt; this is a decision you may regret in the end if you are not fully aware of the spectrum of worms treated, the correct dosage, and any precautions which need to be taken when using the medicine. Always remember that these wormers are medicines, not harmless treats. However, just because you bought over-the-counter dog wormers to save some money does not necessarily mean you love your pet any less. It just means you do not fully realize the sensitive nature of veterinary medicine - which is not really a fault in itself.

Veterinarians dedicate their lives to the well-being of our animal friends. Spend a little more on your pet and reap the benefits. Your vet is your best ally when it comes to your pet’s health and well-being.

Always consult your vet whenever your pet is sick. You do not want to gamble with your pet’s life; remember, it’s a life we’re talking about here. That’s why there are vets around us in the first place - they know better. I suggest we leave all the doctoring in their expert hands, don’t you agree?

Horse Wormer For Dogs: A Crazy Idea?

Horse wormer for dogs

I read discussions about this specific topic around the web a few days ago. Is this idea the kind that’s crazy enough to work? Not according to Dr. Sally Gardiner, our resident vet. According to Dr. Sally, choosing the best wormer for your dog is a daunting task because you would have to know what wormer kills what worm. There are different wormer formulas intended for different types of dog worms and dog sizes. Wormers are specially formulated depending on the dog’s size and breed, and also on the type of worms present in its system.

Dog wormers are specifically formulated for use in dogs, horse wormers for horses. The huge difference in size between dogs and horses is quite obvious, and for this reason the difference in formulation of various wormers for both is quite large, too.

-Rest assured - in order to be registered and authorized for sale, all worming medications are tested for safety and effectiveness, so that you can be confident that they all work,- says Dr. Sally. However, how these medications are used and handled is entirely up to the pet owner so there is still a risk - especially if you don’t take the necessary precautions. As always, it will not hurt to consult your vet beforehand so you can be sure you’re doing it right and everything is safe.

What is the difference between horse wormers and dog wormers?

Essentially, the difference lies in the dosage and concentration. Horse and dog wormers often have common ingredients like ivermectin and fenbendazole, for example. However, this does not mean that we have the liberty to use horse medication on dogs. I have no experience with deworming horses but I take it horse wormers were not specifically formulated for dogs therefore posing a risk that should not be taken in the first place. Even cats and dogs of the same size have different medical needs - aspirin can treat a dog’s headache, but it may kill a cat. That being said, the question on whether horse wormers are safe for use in dogs should really be posed to a vet. While you’re at it, you can also ask your vet if the wormer you chose is safe for your dog and what the right dosage is. This, for me, is the best way to go about deworming your pet. Ask your vet first, then medicate as advised.

Now, let’s go back to the original question, horse wormer for dogs: a crazy idea?

If you ask me, yes - and it’s not that type of crazy idea that just might work. Where is the logic in giving horse wormers to your dog? There are various wormers available for dogs, pretty good ones at that, so why would you even consider horse wormers for dogs? Why risk your dog’s life when you can easily buy a dog wormer at a local convenience store or a pet feeds supply store? Better yet, why not just consult your vet?

Just a note, too. Rememember that horses weigh about 1,000 lbs or more and most dogs are less than 100lbs so a dog is less than 1/10th of a horse’s weight. The volume and concentration of medication in a horse wormer is such that if you miscalculate even a little, you can easily overdose your dog to such an extent that can possibly kill it. Many a spendthrift has made this error. The question is - is it really worth the risk?

August 5, 2008

Can a Natural Wormer for Dogs Save You Money?

Everyone likes a bargain. May it be a nice pair of shoes or a sleek gadget, people want a good discount every now and then. And it would even be better if they could get them for free! Needless to say, as long as people can save a couple of dollars from it, then they’re all for it.

The same goes when people pay for products and services for their pets. These days, many pet owners are finding different ways to save money especially on medical bills. So, it’s no longer surprising that more and more of them are turning to natural remedies for various health problems.

Natural Wormer for Dogs

One of the most popular alternative treatments is the natural wormer. Even though there are already countless conventional wormers in the market, there are still those who choose non-traditional solutions to worm infestation. Just some of the well-known natural wormers for dogs include black walnut, garlic, oregon grape and wormwood.

Undeniably, one of the biggest appeals of natural wormers is their price. Unlike traditional wormers that are sold in the market, natural wormers are inexpensive and, in some cases, they even come for free. But can they really help you save money?

The Real Deal with Natural Wormer for Dogs

Many people are lured into buying natural wormers because of their advantages. After all, what’s not to like about natural wormers? They’re cheap, they’re natural and they’re safe. Or are they?

If something is taken from nature, it is not a guarantee that it’s safe. In some cases, these natural remedies are actually poisonous to dogs. A good example would be garlic. This member of the onion family contains N-propyldisulfhide and S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide, chemicals that are believed to be harmful to dogs.

Wormwood is another popular dewormer for pets. However, just like garlic, this too contains a substance that is dangerous for dogs. Wormwood is also known as a good source of absinthe, an ingredient that can cause nausea, vomiting and seizures in humans.

So, can a natural wormer for dogs save you money?


The truth is there’s no definite answer to this question. It may seem that you cut your expenses by buying natural wormers but you have to keep in mind that since they are not guaranteed to be safe nor effective, you just might find yourself paying more for your dog’s medical bills in the long run.

Natural wormers sound too good to be true, and they probably are. Keep in mind that there have been no proper trials to show whether these natural wormers do actually get rid of worms, so you should not always trust them. It is better to shell out a little more now and be guaranteed of the long-term benefits than pay for nothing and wind up regretting it at the end of the day. Plus, there’s no harm in seeking a professional advice, is there? Besides, why be frugal when your pet’s health depends on it?