The Pet Lover Chronicles: Over-the-counter Dog Wormers

over-the-counter dog wormers Worms are a year-round problem which means finding a solution should be a pet lovers year-round task. How do we find the best dog wormer for our pet then? Over-the-counter dog wormers can be readily bought from your local pet shop or feeds supply store, but are these enough? Can these over-the-counter dog wormers really get rid of dog worms?
Before everything else, it is very important that you know which type of wormer will help alleviate your problem. Some may work better than others, some may not work at all. This can be a problem with over-the-counter dog wormers; you cannot really be sure about their effects on your pet or on the intestinal worms themselves. Your vet is still the best source of information and medication for your pet when it comes to wormers. Wormers are poisonous to the worms but can also make your dog sick, especially if not used in their proper dosage. Why do pet owners buy over-the-counter dog wormers? The main consideration for many pet lovers when finding the best treatment for dog worms is the cost. I'll be blunt; if you want the best worm treatment for your dog, it will cost you. This is what drives most of us to skip the vet consultation and just go straight to the nearest pet shop and buy what wormer we think is best. Let me be even more blunt; this is a decision you may regret in the end if you are not fully aware of the spectrum of worms treated, the correct dosage, and any precautions which need to be taken when using the medicine. Always remember that these wormers are medicines, not harmless treats. However, just because you bought over-the-counter dog wormers to save some money does not necessarily mean you love your pet any less. It just means you do not fully realize the sensitive nature of veterinary medicine - which is not really a fault in itself. Veterinarians dedicate their lives to the well-being of our animal friends. Spend a little more on your pet and reap the benefits. Your vet is your best ally when it comes to your pet's health and well-being. Always consult your vet whenever your pet is sick. You do not want to gamble with your pet's life; remember, it's a life we're talking about here. That's why there are vets around us in the first place - they know better. I suggest we leave all the doctoring in their expert hands, don't you agree?