A Very Merry Christmas!

To all our animal lovers, customers and clients, Trixan Pet would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a safe holiday season.

We have been publishing topics in the lead up to Christmas that provide advice to ensure a safe and comfortable holiday season for your pet and a healthy new year, such as...

Take a look at our pet blog articles on:

  • Resolving dog noise phobias
  • Christmas hazards for dogs and cats
  • Choosing Christmas gifts for your pets
  • Essential pet supplies for a new kitten
  • Essential pet supplies for a new puppy
  • Choosing a boarding kennel
  • Choosing a cattery
  • Shedding and pet grooming
  • Safe car travel with dogs

We haven't had any blog comments yet, so be encouraged to add some tips of your own to any of these topics. What dog treats or cat treats will you be giving as gifts this year? Have you had any funny dog travel experiences? Perhaps you have successfully helped your dog with his phobias? Everyone loves to hear other people's experiences and what worked for them, so if you get a moment, get commenting.

Next week, hopefully when you're putting your feet up relaxing after the Christmas rush, you may wish to take a look at our tips for holidaying with dogs and cats. Many families take a break this time of year and take along their doggie or moggie. Proper planning is essential for a happy family holiday that includes your pets, with a checklist covering required pet supplies, regular tick and flea control, and dog and cat grooming tools to get you through summer.

May you and your beloved pets have a joy-filled Christmas and sunshine-filled New Year. We look forward to continuing to serve you and meet all your pet medication and pet accessory needs.