Using Frontline Plus for Dogs to Prevent Fleas

For your pet dog, fleas are more than a blood-sucking parasite: they are a real irritation. A single flea can bite its host several hundred times each day, with each bite-spot feeling itchy and sore. A dog's natural reaction is to groom or nibble to soothe the scratch (much as we do when we get bitten by a mosquito). This can lead to skin problems such as dermatitis and allergy, as well as hair-loss and secondary infections. A dog with fleas will become irritable and nervous due to this constant, unbearable sensation.

Unfortunately, when your dog has fleas, it can't tell you that it is feeling miserable and getting bitten constantly, so you need to be aware of the signs and keep an eye open for them. Most people will notice their pet scratches itself more often than usual, but there are other things that you can look out for. Make it a habit to check your pet's fur regularly, parting the hair close to the skin for fleas. If they are present, you will spot small black dots. This is the waste product of the flea, and is a definite sign that these parasites have infested your pet. When you spot evidence of fleas, it is time to take action and use a flea control product which will safely eliminate them, and return your pet back to the comfort it deserves.

Frontline Plus A Flea Control Treatment

Treating your dog for fleas is not difficult or expensive, especially if you chose a product such as Frontline Plus which has a good reputation and is proven for its efficacy. Frontline Plus for Dogs is a pet medication which is specifically formulated to kill these parasites and keep them away from your pet for around a month. S-Methoprene and Fipronil are the names of the two ingredients of Frontline Plus which work to destroy fleas. Unlike the majority of other flea control products, Frontline Plus is approved for killing not just mature fleas, but also flea eggs and larval stage fleas. This is a significant factor in the success of Frontline Plus, because it helps to break the flea life-cycle. If you use products which do not kill all stages of fleas, you will usually find that a new batch of fleas hatch a couple of weeks after use, which means your dog will have to go through the process of flea control treatment again.

How Is Frontline Plus Used On Dogs?

Frontline Plus is supplied as a spot-on formula, which means that it is a liquid which is applied directly to your dog's skin. The manufacturer's instructions on Frontline Plus state that you must part the dog's fur between its shoulder-blades and apply the entire contents of the single-dose applicator. The area should be allowed to dry thoroughly before you touch it and you need to keep your pet out of water for 24 hours to allow the ingredients to circulate fully across your pet's skin. After 24 hours, Frontline Plus is completely absorbed in the body, so your dog can go swimming or be bathed as normal. With one application of Frontline Plus, you and your pet can enjoy a full four weeks free of fleas! Just reapply each month to prevent these nasty little parasites from coming back.

More Flea Prevention Tips for Your Home

Along with using Frontline Plus for Dogs on your pet each month, there are other things that you can do to keep your home a flea-free zone.

  1. Vacuum thoroughly, especially under furniture and in upholstery, where fleas and flea eggs often hide. When you finish, you must always dispose of the contents of the vacuum bag, otherwise it may become a source of infestation, as any flea eggs you have captured begin to hatch.
  2. Steam-clean or launder your pet's bedding on a regular basis to eliminate fleas and prevent infestation.
  3. Fleas can get on your pet from other untreated animals, such as a neighbor's cat which passes through your yard. Suggesting to your friends and neighbors that they treat their pets with Frontline Plus will help, however it is impossible to completely control the flea population in your environment.