'Tis the Season for Shedding Hair

With warm weather here in most parts of the country, the dreaded hair shedding season is upon us!

That beautiful, thick, warm winter coat being worn by your beloved pet is getting ready to shed and make way for a much lighter and cooler coat suitable for the warmer months. This can mean shed hair everywhere for the unprepared pet owner.

There are simple and practical ways of ensuring that your home is not covered in fly-away pet hair in the coming months and pet grooming is the answer! The use of a de-shedding dog brush or cat comb is an effective and easy way of removing the copious amounts of hair which is loosening from your pet as the weather warms up. These products will penetrate into the thick undercoat of your pet and remove loose hair before it is spread all over the house. Dog grooming or cat grooming with a de-shedding brush or comb daily will have a marked effect on removing the shed hair. It is a simple procedure and can be used as a time of owner-pet interaction which will help strengthen the human-animal bond you share with your pet. Regular bathing using pet shampoo can also help remove loose hair and dead skin from the coat.

Remember, removing the shedding hair from your pet helps to not only keep the house a bit tidier, but helps prevent it from getting matted into the pet's coat, thus preventing skin disorders from developing underneath.

For those fly-away hairs that do escape into the house, a quick vacuum will pick them up, and for those that end up on your clothes, use a clothes lint remover or masking tape to quickly and effectively remove them.

The warm weather and shedding hair does not need to bring frustration to a pet owner's home.