Spring is Here!

With spring officially on our doorstep, it's time to start thinking about getting our gorgeous dogs and cats ready for the warmer weather. With the warmth and colour of a spring day comes a few nasty surprises for pet owners. In particular comes the shedding of thick winter coats and the start of the flea season in some regions. Thankfully it's not too late to prepare for these events.

Flea Control

Starting flea prevention programs before the flea season arrives is a very effective way of protecting your beloved pet from these irritating parasites.Flea and tick control for dogs and flea and tick control for cats are essential spring to do's. Flea control products such as Program and Frontline Plus , which interfere with the reproductive cycle of fleas should definitely be started at this time of year if they haven't been continued year round.

Frontline Plus

Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming

The warmth provided by your pet's thick winter coat will no longer be needed as the weather warms up. Shedding of hair will become apparent to many pet owners, particularly obvious on your clothing and soft furnishings. The amount of shedding depends on the breed of your pet and how thick the winter coat was. Shedding hair can be a nuisance for owners and can tangle and matt on your pet, causing skin disorders to develop. It is essential that shed hair be removed from your pet's coat regularly through daily or weekly pet grooming. The use of a de-shedding brush can make the shedding season a breeze to deal with.

Dog Coats and Pet Clothing

Dog coats and cat or dog clothing used throughout winter should also have a good wash before they are packed away over summer. Always follow manufacturers washing instructions and use the hottest water recommended to be rid of parasites. If using washing powder or detergent, be aware that some powders can irritate your pet's skin. If you notice a reaction then re-wash the coat without using washing powder and check the results.

With the use of flea treatments and pet grooming tools, a comfortable pet will be a happy pet this spring.