Different Types of Dog Pens, Gates and Fences

Do You Need Dog Fences For Your Pet?

Whether you own a small breed dog like a chihuahua, or a larger breed such as an Alsatian, dog fences or similar items of kit are a useful addition to your pet care equipment. Dog fences, sometimes called dog pens or dog runs, are sturdy metal constructions that allow owners to keep their pet in one place. The reasons for using dog fences are many. Perhaps your garden is open to a nearby busy road, which presents a serious danger to your pet if he or she escapes. Or maybe your dog is still an untrained puppy who needs space to exercise, with no risk of getting lost or coming into contact with other animals. Inside your home, you can use dog fences at night-time to stop your pet from wandering from room to room causing a disturbance. Dogs that become destructive when left alone can also be placed in within dog fences to prevent damage to owner's possessions.

Dog Fences & More From Pet Shed

Pet Shed stock a variety of dog fences and other dog containment aids designed to help owners to control their canine companions, both at home and in the great outdoors. Pet fences are available in a choice of sizes, with spacious pens for large breeds and more compact designs for small breeds. Easy to set up, portable and strong, using dog fences will give you peace of mind, knowing that your pet is under control and perfectly safe. Dog fences are often a top choice of breeders who show their animals, due to the effective design and the level of comfort it affords their pets. Another option to consider for outdoor use is a cable and stake combination. Durable cable is fixed at one end to a stake. The stake is buried in the earth, while the other end of the cable is attached to the dog collar . This type of restraint allows pets to move around, and is ideal for camping or in your backyard.

Dog Fences & Pet Well-Being

Using dog fences is a great way to keep your pet safe and secure, and we have a few tips that you should follow to maintain your dog's well-being while inside his or her enclosure.

  • Never leave a pet unattended for long periods in a dog pen, especially if they suffer from anxiety issues or stress.
  • It is essential for your dog to have access to an abundant supply of fresh water.
  • Place a favorite dog toy or two in your pet's enclosure for your pet to play with.