How to Care for Your Pet's Dental Health

It's August already! August marks the Australian Veterinary Association's National Dental Health Month.

Dog Dental Health

This is a great opportunity for pet owners to focus on their animal's dental health needs. Any pet with bad breath, excess salivation, difficulty chewing or red or bleeding gums may have dental disease. If your pet has any of these symptoms, a visit to your local veterinarian is essential.

Good cat dental health and dog dental health is essential for all pets to ensure they can chew properly and to help prevent any bacterial infections developing in their oral cavity. Pets can undergo dental cleans and other dental procedures if required, but focussing on preventative oral health can help reduce the need for these procedures.

There are plenty of pet supplies available to help you maintain great teeth and gums for your pets. Whilst many owners dread the thought of brushing their pet's teeth daily, other simpler options are available. Oral gels, dental chews and dental toys will all help in reducing the development of dental disease. There are even cat foods and dog foods that are specifically designed to improve your pet's dental health.

Good oral health means less chance of discomfort for the animal, less visits to the vet for dental procedures, and of course, hopefully, less bad breath!