Eukanuba: Bring Out the Best in Your Pet

Eukanuba's latest US TV commercial has been aired so with the slogan Eukanuba: Extraordinary Nutrition for Extraordinary Beings. The production is so beautiful we thought we'd better bring it to our pet owners down under. It features stunning video of active healthy dogs doing what they love in natural environments with vivid greens and browns that really show off the dogs. The music was produced in Munich, Germany by Robert Papst especially for the commercial. It's called "See No Limits" and shares the same title as the commercial.

The dog breeds featured in order of appearance are Weimaraner, Parson Russell Terrier, English Springer Spaniel, Pointer and Basenji conquering the world. Mind you, I'd like to see the Basenji actually take that final jump - that would really make Eukanuba a super dog food for a super dog!

Eukanuba is a trusted premium dog food brand. Their dog food is made with a highly-researched combination of proteins and pet vitamins and minerals. No dog supplements should be necessary if your pet is eating the right daily quantity and variety of Eukanuba. Eukanuba dog food is made for specific lifestages (e.g. puppy, adult or senior dogs), as well as specific breeds (e.g. German Shepherd) and specific needs (e.g. weight loss). Eukanuba offers complete nutrition made with quality ingredients to being out the best in your pet.

NB: As this is a US commercial, Trixan Pet cannot honour the money back promise.