Different Types Of Dog Beds

Although dogs do not tend to sleep as much as cats, a quiet and comfortable place to chill out and rest is an essential for a happy and healthy pet. According to pet behavior experts, a proper pet bed is also an important factor in ensuring that dogs do not develop dominance and other pet behavior issues. In this blog, we look at the wide variety of pet bed models that are available and discuss how to choose one which suits your dog's needs.

How to Choose The Right Dog Bed

Before you shop for a new pet bed for your dog, it is a good idea to spend some time observing pet behaviors. Knowing your dog's preferences and whether he prefers to stretch out or curl up will help you decide which style of bed is best. You should also consider your pet's size and any ongoing health conditions such as arthritis. Finally, you will want to look at features such as whether the pet bed can be laundered, and which design coordinates best with your home's interior design.

Pillow Bed

The pillow bed is the most basic type of dog bed, and as the name suggests, is much like a pillow that you'd put on your sofa or bed. Soft and fluffy, this type of pet bed is a good all-rounder and will be appreciated by dogs whose natural pet behavior is to stretch out. An advantage of pillow beds is that they are available in a huge range of prints, colors and designs, which you can choose to suit your home decor.

Nest Pet Bed

Nest pet beds are soft, cushioned beds with higher side panels, which help to keep out cold drafts. This style of dog bed is a good choice for dogs that like to curl up in cozy corners and are excellent for small breeds such as Chihuahuas that tend to feel the cold. Like pillow beds, nest beds are available in a good range of colors and designs to match your preferences.

Orthopedic Pet Bed

Orthopedic dog beds are designed for older pets, those with a low proportion of body fat and those which suffer from painful conditions such as arthritis. Usually made from memory foam or other high density padding material, orthopedic beds provide the extra support that these pets need, as well as insulating them from cold flooring.

Raised Dog Bed

Raised dog beds are becoming an increasingly popular style, because they keep pets off the cold floor. Cot beds are similar to camping beds, with fabric stretched a sturdy frame, while fancier versions are shaped like sofas. These beds are best for active pets which can jump up and down to the pet bed platform without risk of injury.

Heated Mat

For dogs that find cooler temperatures uncomfortable or have joint pain, consider a heated mat pet bed. These work like electric blankets and provide gentle, safe levels of heat. Some versions are a simple mat which can be placed in your dog's kennel or on a standard pet mattress, while others are incorporated into a pillow or nest style dog bed.

Cooling Mat

If you dog finds warm weather uncomfortable, a cooling mat can provide relief. These are mattress style dog beds, made from durable plastic filled with water or gel, to create a refreshing sensation for your pet.