Pet Diet and Nutrition

Good Pet Nutrition : A Key to Health

Ask any veterinarian, breeder or other pet health expert about the importance of good pet nutrition, and they will all agree- feeding your dog and cat with the correct diet is one of the keys to health and well-being. Dogs, cats, rodents and other companion animals all have specific dietary needs. These depend not only on the species, but also breed, age and lifestyle of the animal. An indoor cat of the Persian breed, for example, needs a different balance of nutrients compared to a young cat which is extremely active and growing. In the same way, a working dog on a farm will require different pet nutrition to an elderly dog of the same breed which lives in a family home. Although pet nutrition might sound like a complicated subject, feeding your pet with foods and pet treats from the well-known brands which are stocked at Pet Shed is a good way to ensure that he or she eats well and stays on top form.

Pet Treats & Pet Vitamins for Pet Nutrition

At Pet Shed, you can find a range of pet nutrition pet treats and pet vitamins designed especially to help owners make sure that their pet gets the right balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fats and other essential nutrients in its diet. Pet treats for cats and dogs from leading brands such as Aristopet are designed to attract your pet with enticing flavors and smells, with quality ingredients for good pet nutrition. These fun pet treats can be used as a reward for your pet and are useful as part of training, as well as giving your pet an added dose of nutrients. Pet vitamins come in various formats for ease of use : gel, tablets, liquid and powder. Usually, these are mixed with food and come in a variety of flavors so that pets enjoy taking their pet nutrition supplements.

Shiny Fur, Bright Eyes, Bags of Energy

Good pet nutrition shows when a pet has shiny fur, bright eyes and bags of energy. For those times when your pet is not 100% healthy, using pet nutrition supplements from Pet Shed is a great way to support their return to full health. Pet nutrition multi-vitamins are useful for animals which have been unwell or had an operation, and are helpful on the route to recovery. Pets that have dry, irritated skin or dull fur can also benefit from a course of pet nutrition vitamins, particularly those which contain Omega fatty acids or Brewer's yeast.