Pet Dental Treats and Care

Pet Dental Health Problems

Oral health problems including gingivitis (gum disease), plaque and tartar buildup and bad breath are not only restricted to humans. You might be surprised to know that dogs and cats can also suffer from the same issues and that as owners, we need to give our furry friends some help with their pet dental care. Taking time to follow a simple pet dental routine is important, because over time, damage to teeth and gums become painful and can lead to serious health complications if left untreated. Feeding your pet with high quality kibble, especially from brands that design their products to promote good pet dental health is an excellent start. However this is not enough. Many pet experts and veterinarians also suggest that you complement your pet dental health routine by using a toothpaste, a specially designed chew toy or cat treats and dog treats for dental hygiene.

Pet Shed & The Basics of Pet Dental Health

At Pet Shed, you will find a selection of high quality products designed for easy pet dental care. The main cause of most of the common tooth and gum problems experienced by pets is the presence of bacteria in the mouth, so a good pet dental health routine starts with regular cleaning. The best way to do this is with a pet toothbrush, using pet dental toothpaste. This will help to remove the buildup of bacteria and any food residues from your pet's mouth for fresher breath and healthier teeth. Of course, it is best to start cleaning your pet's teeth from an early age as this helps to create a routine. Older pets can also learn new tricks, although you will probably have to persevere a little longer before your pet is completely comfortable with having his or her teeth cleaned. Your pet's dental health will benefit from a daily brushing session, although once a week is enough if you only have limited time. Along with cleaning your pet's teeth, you can also give your pet chew toys to play with. Both entertaining and practical, chew toys exercise your dog's mouth, stimulating blood circulation to the gums and cleansing away harmful build-ups. Some pet dental health chew toys are made from durable, textured man-made material for a satisfying mouth-feel for your pet, while others are made from natural products like raw-hide. Many pet dental chew toys are suitable for use with pet toothpaste, making these a good choice if your pet dislikes having its teeth brushed. Breath sprays are another item to add to your pet dental health shopping list, quickly getting rid of bad odors and keeping your pet's breath fresh.