Choosing Appropriate Gifts for Your Dog or Cat This Christmas

We all know by now that Christmas is just around the corner! The joy of giving can be overshadowed by the need to find a parking spot, carry enormous bags, and wrap, wrap and wrap some more. Thankfully these things don't need to be an issue when buying pet supplies online at Trixan Pet. But how do you find a safe and appropriate gift for your beloved cat or dog this festive season?

Many owners can get a little bewildered with the task of selecting appropriate pet supplies and above all, a safe gift for their precious pet. The number of choices seems staggering and many owners often like to indulge their pets with gifts and treats which may be more appropriate for humans than for our four-legged friends.

It is important to remember that although dogs and cats are an important part of your family, they are not little humans. Their digestive system and metabolic processes differ greatly from ours in many respects. Foods that may be appropriate for humans and seen as a huge festive treat may actually cause severe or life threatening illness in our pets. Approved pet food from a pet supplies store is always the best option.

Any pet supplies gift or special pet supplies treat which is to be eaten must be specifically manufactured for dogs or cats. Chocolate, a popular human treat, can cause toxicity in dogs. Affected dogs may vomit, be lethargic, have increased thirst, have tremors and can die. Macadamia nuts can also cause toxicity in dogs and should be avoided. Owners will find numerous dog and cat treats in pet supplies stores specifically formulated for pets. There are many pet supplies treats made from natural products such as dried liver which pets readily enjoy. They can be wrapped and presented in Christmas stockings and the like and be given sparingly to your pets as part of your festive celebrations.

Pet Supplies Presents for Active Pets

Active dogs and cats love toys. Providing dog toys and cat toys as Christmas gifts is a joy for many owners. The pet supplies toys chosen need to be appropriate to the type of pet (dog vs cat) and also to the size of the animal.

The potential for any toy to be swallowed or for small parts to be swallowed must be considered in all pet supplies purchases - you don't want a life threatening gastrointestinal obstruction any time of the year, least of all at Christmas. All pet supplies toys should be the correct size for the animal and for other pets in your household.

Similarly the durability of the toy is an important consideration. Short life spans of pet toys can frustrate owners, and fragments can be swallowed. If your dog readily destroys toys a robust product should be purchased. The Kong pet supplies range of chew toys are very hardy even against dogs which love chewing.

The potential for ingestion of pet supplies toys should also be considered when purchasing products for cats. Although most cats and playful kittens will play endlessly with string, wool and ribbons these products can cause life threatening illness if swallowed. Linear foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal system get caught along the intestinal tract, causing it to bunch up as the body attempts to expel it. This causes a severe gastrointestinal disorder which can require emergency surgery to correct. Any pet supplies or cat toys with strings attached should be avoided or regularly checked for wear and tear.

Pet Supplies all Wrapped Up!

Pet supplies which increase the activity level of your pet make ideal gifts. Dogs will run endlessly chasing a frisbee or fetching a ball, chew for hours on a durable chew toy, or work tirelessly to remove treats from a treat ball dispenser. Cats will generally be attracted to anything which moves or rolls, many cats are highly attracted to products containing catnip, and many pets will enjoy continually squeaking any toy which will produce a sound. These types of pet supplies can enhance your pet's life by providing exercise and relieving boredom.

You can also consider other pet supplies such as stylish dog collars or cat collars with a matching pet lead, grooming brushes, a new pet bed to match your decor, pet bowls and even pet apparel and dog coats.

Christmas cheer can be extended to the family pets if care is taken in choosing their Christmas gifts from the wide range of cheerful pet supplies available.