Can My Dog Catch Fleas in the Park?

A good friend of mine recently adopted her first pet dog - a puppy from our local animal shelter. The young Labrador, whom she has christened Bertie, is a boisterous fellow who can't get enough affection and loves to play outdoors. Susie, my friend and Bertie"s human called me last night, sounding rather upset. She told me that she'd taken Bertie to the local park for a stroll, and that when she got home, she spotted fleas running around on his fur. Susie told me that she was surprised that Bertie had caught fleas in the park, and thought it was only possible for a dog to get infested through contact with another animal.

Yes, Your Dog Can Catch Fleas In The Park

Susie, along with many other pet owners, didn't realise that fleas are potentially a big problem. More importantly she didn't know that direct contact with another animal is not needed to pass them on and thought that keeping Bertie away from other dogs was enough to protect him from fleas. There are thousands of flea species around the world, but the one the dog owners need to worry about is called Ctenocephalides canis. This type of flea prefers to feed on dogs. However, it is not unknown for them to give humans a nasty, itchy bite too. What Susie didn't understand about fleas is that they are very widespread and can even lay dormant (in the egg stage) waiting to hatch when suitable prey is nearby. In parks, recreational zones and gardens, fleas can lurk in long grasses and shrubbery, waiting to jump on unprotected pets. A single female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, and this means dealing with flea control is an important part of caring for your dog.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Catching Fleas In The Park?

Knowing that I have kept dogs as pets for years, Susie chose the right person to phone for flea advice. I'm going to share what I told her here, to help any other pet owners out there with this problem. My top tip to prevent dogs from catching fleas in the park is to use a pet medication made to kill any fleas that get on your pet. My preferred product for dealing with fleas is Revolution for dogs . I explained to Susie that if she applied Revolution to Bertie's skin on a regular basis, it would prevent fleas from becoming a problem. Revolution is highly effective for getting rid of fleas, but it also helps to protect dogs from ticks, heartworm and sarcoptic mange, making it an excellent all-rounder. By applying Revolution, Susie can happily take Bertie out to the park again and not worry about the dangers of fleas and other parasites.