Tick Twister

Unique Features of Tick Twister

  • Allows effective tick removal from the skin of your caine and feline pets(and even people, if needed)
  • Efficiently and painlessly removes all ticks of any size, anywhere on your dog or cat
  • Doesnt leave tick mouth-parts implanted in canine or feline skin
  • Special design removes ticks without compressing the ticks? abdomen, minimizing the risk of transfering diseases such as Babesiosis and Lyme Disease
  • Product comes packed with two hooks: a large hook for medium-sized and large ticks, and a small hook for smaller ticks




Style Number: TT1-CONFIG

Product Detail: Tick Twister

Information about Tick Twister

Currently the most-efficient tools available to remove all ticks, Tick Twister allows safe and painless tick removal from your pet?s skin. Use Tick Twister to extract ticks of any size anywhere on your canine or feline pet?s body without leaving mouth fragments of the tick implanted in your dog or cat?s skin.

Tick Twister?s clever design removes ticks without compressing (and rupturing) their abdomen, thereby minimizing the risk of transfering pet diseases such as Babesiosis and Lyme Disease to your dog or cat. Tick Twister is conveniently packed with two hooks; one for larger ticks and another for smaller ticks.

Directions for use:

Choose the most-suitable hook according to the size of the tick (the large hook for the medium and large ticks, the small hook for small and very small ticks). Engage the hook to your dog or cat?s skin, approaching the tick from the side, until it is held. Lift hook very lightly and turn it. Tick detaches by itself from your pet after two or three rotations.

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