Unique Features of Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray:

  • Protects horses, pigs and cattle from flies and mosquitoes
  • Fights fleas and lice on dogs and cats
  • Product contents: Each L contains pyrethrins 1.5 g, di-N-propyl isocinchomeronate 6 g, piperonyl butoxide 2.7 g, N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 3 g, citronella oil 5 g.
  • Non-toxic to human skin
  • Easy application with the spray on container - definitely no fuss
  • Easy on the pocket - great value for a 125mL bottle




Style Number: MUS125-CONFIG

Product Detail: Musca-Ban

Information about Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray:

Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray is your all-around pet insecticidal spray for dogs, cats and horses. But it definitely is not your average insecticide and pet insect repellant. Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray has dual knockdown strength. It protects your canines, felines, equines, pigs and cattle from flies and mosquitoes. At the same time, Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray fights fleas and lice on dogs and cats.

What makes Musca-Ban your pet?s best ally against disease-causing insects? For starters, Musca-Ban contains natural insecticides like pyrethrins. Pyrethrins work rapidly - they penetrate the insects? nerve system and knocks them down on contact. However pyrethrins are non-toxic to humans - they do not accumulate on skin tissues and are non-irritable, making Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray deadly on insects yet friendly on pets and pet owners alike.

Protect your pets from pesky and harmful insects with Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray. Apply sparingly on your pet canine or feline?s hair coat using the spray nozzle, or a cloth dampened with Musca-Ban. Do this once daily, or twice daily for cases of severe infestation. Musca-Ban Insecticidal Spray is also effective as preventive treatment against canine or feline fleas that may attack your dogs, cats and horses. Simply spray on your pet dog?s kennel or pet shelter to prevent possible flea infestation.Store in room temperature.


Avoid direct application to eyes, nose and mouth.

May cause dribbling and unsteady gait in cats. If one or both occur, wipe off excess product and contact a veterinarian.

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