Imformation about Endosorb:

Avail of a safe and a low-cost solution to your pet?s diarrhea. Treat them with Endosorb, an improved attapulgite that adsorbs toxins and toxic materials present in the gut of animals with diarrhea or those having symptoms of the disease.

Endosorb has an adsorbent action, which rids of the pain and discomfort that result from diarrhea. It is proven effective by most veterinary practitioners. It is recommended that animals being treated with Endosorb should have access to fresh clear drinking water in liberal portions.

An important reminder: If the diarrhea is caused by, or associated with a bacterial intestinal infection, then appropriate antibiotic therapy should be started as soon as possible.

Unique Features of Endosorb:

  • Relieves the irritation discomfort and cramping caused by diarrhea
  • Available in two forms:
    • Suspension 4 oz: Activated attapulgite in aqueous suspension
      • Allows for easier dosing
      • Flavored and sweetened
      • Improved attapulgite formula
      • Provides greater absorbency for the optimum adsorption of enterobacterial endotoxins, enteroviruses and bacteria
      • Citrus pectin coats gastrointestinal tract protecting inflamed mucosa
      • Magnesium trisilicate and aluminum silicate act as a mild gastric sedative and antacid
      • Carob pulp forms a soothing mucilaginous film and adds bulk to the stool
      • Contains no antibiotic you can choose the best treatment for the condition
    • 2. Tablet (500-Tablet Pack): Aids the veterinarian in supportive treatment of small animal intestinal disturbances


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